Week 6, Here we come!


The changes in the weather have meant that we are all feeling tired. I hope your child has had an opportunity to rest over the weekend. Thank you to all of the Parents/Grandparents who came along to our dance performance on Friday afternoon. Along with the Bollywood Dance that we performed at the Week 10 Assembly in term 3, that was our dance program for the year. We hope that you enjoyed it.

Last week we had a few unexpected changes to the times of our Specialist subjects due to other classes attending excursions and other events, such as Kindy orientation visits. Things should be back to normal this week.

This is the final week to browse and to borrow books in the Library.  All student books are due back no later than Friday of Week 7.  The Library staff will begin the huge task of stock-taking all resources on that day, please help them by returning your Library books on time.

I will not be in class again on Tuesday of this week as I am writing reports. Mrs Hedger will be continuing our program of learning on that day.

Another great week of fun and learning.

Week 4 sure was a busy week.  We managed to cram a lot into four days. We had an amazing excursion to the city on Thursday, the weather was kind to us, the children were very well behaved, there was plenty to see and do, and the whole day was very enjoyable.

Our visit to Ayers House was lovely. The teacher, Helen taught the children a couple of songs and a game from the 1800’s.

We were able to wander around the house and touch objects that have been used by the residents throughout history.

We will be making comparisons in the coming weeks about how life today and life in the 1800’s differs.

On Friday we supported 01 to present another successful Assembly.

Week 5 will see Miss Ester taking the class on Tuesday as I am report writing on that day. The children all know her from her teaching practice earlier this year.

On Friday there will be another kindy orientation visit.

On Friday we will be presenting some dances in the hall with Karen’s class (The Twiggy Daisy Bushes) at 2:30pm.

All welcome.



Another great week in 02.

Week two was a week full of fun and learning.

Here are a few of the things that we got up to.

😊 Living with pets incursion. We had a lovely visit with Claire and her dog Teddi. We learnt the steps to pat a strange dog and the steps to use when we meet an angry dog.  Please ask your child to share this learning with you. Hopefully he/she will remember the 4 steps for each situation.

😊 We have been revising sounds for the first two weeks as part of our phonics program.

😊 We have been estimating and checking lengths of various objects as  part of our work in measurement in Maths.

😊 We are investigating 2D shapes.

😊 We are looking at homes as part of our class Inquiry.

😊 We are getting really good at dictation and Ms Grant is going to have to find some trickier sentences.

😊 We learnt how to play Bingo.

😊 We had fun with our buddy class and 01 with our social skills program.

Not to mention our visit to the Library and Computer Room and lessons with our fabulous specialist teachers.

The weather has been up and down over the last two weeks, let’s hope it settles down a little bit for week three. I hope that you found your child’s excursion note in the communication book. Please return to school as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy the sunshine!  🌞 🌞


Here we go again!

🌞Here we go again folk, term four is shaping up to be yet another very busy term. I hope your child is well rested for a term full of fun and learning.

School resumes on Monday as will show and tell. The topic this week is holiday news, I’m looking forward to finding out what everyone has been up to over the last two weeks. Sharing again this term will be on week 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. You will receive the topic via seesaw for upcoming weeks, please take note that sometimes the day your child will need to be organised may change depending on the topic, other events and the format of sharing on any given week. You will be notified in the seesaw post if this is the case.

Here are a few reminders to get the term underway.

🌞 Please remind your child to organise his/her sight words on Monday morning.

🌞 Please remind your child  to bring his/her hat. Hats must be worn again this term at recess an lunch, for PE, and OSHC  outdoor activities.

🌞 As posted last term, it is looking good for our excursion into the city. You will receive relevant  information in the coming weeks.

🌞 Our library day is Thursday.

🌞 Hope you have been able to collect tin cans.

🌞 A heads up, we are presenting our next assembly in week 4. Yes, that’s the Friday after our excursion.

🌞 Staff will begin class placements early this term in readiness for 2019 classes. If you have not given me any information in writing that you feel I need to know, please do so in the next couple of days.

🌞 Kindy transition will begin this term. This means our class will need to be relocated to cater for visitors, of course I will let you know all the details of how this affects your child in good time.

🌞 Please remind your child not to bring toys to school, there were a few issues in the yard last term.

Hope you enjoy the sunshine.


End of term news.

Wow what a super busy term we have all had. The children are very tired and will be in need of a well earned rest come Friday afternoon.

Here is some information to help families be organised for the last week.

  • Please read the seesaw post regarding our sharing topic for the coming week. We will be focusing on this topic throughout the week, with lots of oral language and writing. Please help your child to be organised for Monday.
  • We will be supporting Karen’s year one class on Friday at Assembly. We will be presenting our Bollywood Dance. As this is a whole school assembly it will begin at 12:15. All welcome, however, if you are planning on attending please be punctual to ensure a seat. If your child doesn’t have a scarf for the dance, please send one as soon as possible.
  • Please return all Library books on Thursday. There will be no borrowing over the holiday period.
  • I will collect readers at the end of the week for the holiday period.
  • Over the coming week and holidays we are asking parents to collect tins again. This time we would like clean 400 ml or 400gm tins that have had their labels removed. Again we will need 46 tins, so if you have more than one that would help us out. We will need these tins for a project early next term. So I hope you enjoy tinned tomatoes, red kidney beans, chick peas or some baked beans, some coconut milk is sold in 400ml tins. We hope you can help us out so that all children can participate.

Lots of important stuff here!

This will be a rather long post with lost of information about upcoming events.  Hope you can sit back with a cuppa and read it to the end.

Firstly, thanks to those people who came along to watch our first Assembly. I know the children really appreciated it. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say they all did a great job. Of course I’m very proud of everyone!

News of our next presentation!!!

😊 We will be supporting Karen’s year one Assembly in week ten of this term. We will be performing our Bollywood Dance. In readiness for our performance we are in need of lots of scarves. As it is a Bollywood Dance, each child will need a scarf or even a piece of material in bright colours or with sequences or some sparkle on it, keeping in line with our Bollywood theme. You can start sending scarves along as soon as possible. Please remember to name it.

Please refer to Seesaw for our Show and Tell topic for the coming week.

Sports Day is fast approaching. For parents who are new to the school, here is a brief outline.

😊  The day will begin with a whole school health hustle.

😊 We will be outside all day.

😊 We will participate in a variety of activities such as hurdles, long jump, relays etc. in our class group. We will participate in “Come and Try” activities and “Life be in it” activities.

😊 Whole school team relays will be run later in the day. Each year level will compete. Children will sit with their team for the duration of the relays and for the presentations at the end of the day.

😊 Children will be dismissed from the classroom at the end of the day as normal.

😊 Your child should know their team colour. Children are asked to wear a plain Tshirt in their colour, school shorts and school hats, sneakers and sun cream on the day.

😊 A program will be available on the day.

😊 Parents are welcome to attend.

More information will be available in the school newsletter or on this blog in the coming week.

⭐️⭐️ Student Led Conferences are also fast approaching. Be on the lookout for further information. ⭐️⭐️





Book Week News.

What a great week we all had celebrating Book Week. Phil Cummings was an amazing presenter and the children were captivated by his storytelling, come to think of it so were the adults.

He talked about how every story needs to be added to or  changed in some way before it is published into the books that we purchase. He shared his original drafts with us which he always writes by hand, usually on any bit of paper that is available at the time when an idea pops into his head.

Many children also enjoyed visiting the Library at lunch time for Treasure Hunts and activities. Well done to our fabulous Library staff who made the Library look like a treasure trove.

The children also enjoyed the interactive Book Week incursion.

The Book Week Parade was a great success, it was nice to see so many parents attending.


There is no Show and Tell topic this week.

Room 01 and 02 are  presenting the Junior Primary Assembly in the Hall this Friday morning.

All are welcome to attend.

Start time is 11:10.

We now have enough Milo tins thank you.

Please return your Sports Day lunch orders to the classroom before the due date. Late orders will not be accepted by the canteen.


End of week 4.

Here we go again folks…..we have another busy week ahead of us!

This week is Book Week. There are lots of exciting things planned to help us all enjoy the celebrations.


😊 On Monday, the author Phil Cummings will be speaking to the children in our class about his books. Phil has written lots of great books and has won many awards for his work.

😊 On Thursday we will be seeing a performance in the Hall. If you have not returned your permission slip, please do so as soon as possible.

😊 The Library will host a variety of activities for children at lunchtime during Bookweek. The first 50 children to arrive each day will be admitted.

😊 Children can come to school on Friday dressed as their favourite book character.  Children can wear their costume all day if  they are able to move around safely, participate in learning activities and of course toilet themselves with no assistance. We do not expect parents to go to any expense when organising costumes.

The parade begins at 10:20am on Friday on the netball court.  If the weather is inclement, a decision will be made earlier on Friday morning whether or not we need to relocate to the hall.  

Other news for the week:

😊 We now have plenty of tins. Thank you so much to the people who have been able to donate them. If you have some spare time and could stay behind one morning and take labels off of the tins and make sure that they are all clean inside, we would really appreciate it.

😊 Show and Tell returns this week. Please remind your child to be organised and to bring their poster on their sharing day. Posters will remain at school afterwards.



Week 3 News.

Hopefully, our Sharing topic for Week 5 made it home with your child on Friday. Please help your child to prepare the new poster.

Thank you, Mrs. Hedger, for holding the fort in my absence. I know that she has done a great job keeping up with the learning that was planned for the week and following our routines.

This coming week is photo week. Our class is scheduled for photographs on Tuesday morning just after 9;30. Here are the instructions that I have received from the photographers and from school Leadership.

  •  Students are to be in the school uniform.
  • Hair does not need to be tied up on photo day.
  • School jackets and jumpers are to be removed for photos.
  • Students need to have their own envelope with them on the day. Although payment can be made online and money can be included in a sibling’s envelope, each child should still have their own envelope to hand to the photographer.
  • Family photographs will be done after lunch for those who have chosen this option.


Week two gossip.

What a great week we’ve had in 02. There have been lots of fun activities and lots of learning.


Everyone enjoyed the Disco and Nature Play was lovely yet again. We were so pleased to have rain on Friday. While there were a few puddles in the Garden throughout the week, we all got in the creek and had a lovely time jumping and splashing about. Thanks to the parents who remembered to pack a change of clothes for their children.

We are rostered to use the Nature Garden later in the term.

The coming week is going to be just as busy as the last week.

We have been working hard to learn and use a variety of digraphs this week. What is a digraph? A digraph is a combination of two letters representing one sound, as in sh, th and ch.


Did you know that we also talk about how to pronounce the sounds that we learn?  It is important that children are able to say a word correctly, making sure their tongue is in the right place for each sound.  Basically, research has proven that children need to say a sound properly in order to be able to write it. If your child cannot articulate a particular sound they may end up writing the word the way they say it, for example, if a child says a ‘v or f’ instead of  ‘th’ they will write ‘wiv or wif” instead of ‘with’.


Term 3 means that we are now expecting some basic words to be spelled correctly. I hope you will remind your child that we need to see their tongue when saying the ‘th’ sound during conversations when reading and writing.

Here is the information your family will need to be organised.

  • Show and Tell posters are due this week. I am very excited to learn more about your child from his/her poster. You might like to ask your child to present it to you at home so that they can have a little practice.
  • A reminder that there will be no sharing in Week 4. However, we will send home a task for families to work on together in readiness at the end of  this week.
  • Mrs. Hedger will be in our classroom on Monday morning until recess and again on Wednesday until 12:00, whilst I attend training and development. She will, of course, continue our learning program.  I will check sight words on Tuesday morning of this week instead of Monday, please remind your child to be organised.
  • Fruit sharing will return this Friday.
  • Thanks to the two parents who have offered to help us with our Social Skills Program. I am still in need of four more volunteers to help us out in weeks 5, 7 and 9. If you have a spare half an hour the children and I would really appreciate it. I ask that you commit to all three sessions for continuity.
  • We are still in need of a few more Milo/Formula tins.
  • Photo information went home this week.  You can pay online or pay cash on the day, regardless of payment method, please return your envelope on photo day. Please do not send your envelope with money prior to this day as I unable to store money in the classroom.