Week 7 news..

What a busy week it has been yet again.  We have been getting organised for next Thursday nights concert. Please refer to the school newsletter for details about when families can set up their chairs. It should be a great night.

If you need any help with costumes, please let me know.

We have been coding with the children in 01. Coding in simple terms is the language that computers use to work. We have spent time working on “unplugged” activities. That is activities that do not require a computer, we have given directions to a friend, made tracks and maps. I’m sure your child will explain some of the activities to you. After practicing these skills we can now give instructions to the bee bots. We played with the bee boys and those on the iPad. For some, this was tricky work..but fun nonetheless. Hope you like the photos.

If your child still has a library book, we ask that it is returned as soon as possible. There is no more borrowing for the year. We have returned all of our classroom library books and readers. As we have very few books, I’d like to encourage your child to bring a book or two from home. They need to be “good fit books.”  That is books that your child can read most of the words, so it fits reading ability, something your child wants to or enjoys reading, it fits interest and one that will fit the reading box. If you send along a book, please ensure your child has his/ her name in it.

We have another busy week coming up. It may be the end of term but we still have work to do. Concert night is Thursday night. Children come to class at 6:15 and I encorage parents to find their seats. We will sit together as a class for the entire performance. You can collect your child from me at the end of the concert from in front of the stage. I will be using a checklist to ensure everyone’s safety on the night.

A reminder to help this week run smoothly..

🐝 Please read, sign and return your personal data if you haven’t already done so…it’s the grey piece of paper that went home last week.

🐝 Please read, sign and return the note regarding Christmas seminars if you’d like your child to take part.

🐝 Please send along a stamped envelope this week.

There is no show and tell scheduled for this week, however due to a group of children being required in the music room at various times during the day on Friday to record our concert item we will have Friday’s week 7 children share on Monday.

We have our last transition visit for kindy children this Friday, again I will do sight words on Thursday and we will not share sharing on fruit on Friday. I’ll send home a reminder during the week regarding lining up at the stripe as the bell goes. This weeks visit will see all kindy children visiting at the same time.

Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything. Have a happy weekend.

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Lots of fun was had by all!

What a great night it was. Everyone had a ball. What better way to celebrate our year of learning and independence than with a night at school playing together and enjoying each other’s company. The weather was kind to us and we were able to play outside as well as inside. We had a fantastic disco and an even better night walk. It was so much fun. Thank you very much to Mr. Blight and Mr. Pluck for cooking the BBQ, to Mr Hunt and Katina for helping with supervision and of course to all of our beautiful children for being brave, staying late and behaving beautifully. I’m sure they all enjoyed a big sleep afterwards.




Week 5 comes to an end.

On Friday we farewelled Miss Choo and thanked her for working with our class. The children enjoyed her Inquiry topic of celebrations and during her last week in class, they reflected on celebrations that they had enjoyed with the family. They then planned their own celebration and designed a poster to advertise it. We had gymnastic, swimming, childcare and friendship parties being designed.

In Maths we have had fun in the sand pit and playing with rice all in an attempt to learn about capacity.

I had a few hats and a pair of jeans come into class this week, thank you, it is great to see all of the costume sharing that’s happening. We have begun practicing our item and it is going be beautiful.

🎏 The coming week is going to be a bit hectic. On Monday, we are celebrating Japanese Day at our school. There will be a performance at 9am for the whole school. We need to have our lunch orders organised and roll book done early on that day, so please try and be on time. 🇯🇵

We will be spending the morning participating in lots of fun Japanese activities organised by Pluck Sensei and Oka Sensei.

On Friday of the coming week, I will be hosting Kindy transition again. As a result, I will check sight words on Thursday of this week and there will be no fruit sharing this week. There is also no sharing/show and tell this week. The class will be asked to meet the reliever on the stripe on Friday morning and they will spend the morning in the Library.

Friday is our BNI! We are very excited. I will do a seesaw post during the week as it gets closers, with details about this.

For some reason it took a few days for the notification from last weeks post to arrive in inboxes. I apologise if this inconvenienced anyone, I did actually upload it at this time last week.


This weeks gossip

Another week has ended and we have managed to pack a lot into the shorter week.

We hope to know at the start of the coming week whether or not we can reschedule our excursion. As soon as we know, we will notify families.

The Orientation visit for Kindy children went very well. This will all happen again in week six and the final visit will be in week 8. The same procedure will take place in the morning with children meeting at the stripe and then heading over to the Library when the bell goes. I will post reminders as these days get closer.

Here are a few of the fun things that kept us busy this week;

⭐️ We began our learning in the area of capacity and addition in Maths.

⭐️ We learnt more about Chinese New Year celebrations.

⭐️ We made Chinese lanterns with Miss Choo.

⭐️ We had Maths groups with 01.

⭐️ We had Literacy groups with 01.

⭐️ We talked about Remembrance Day and why it is important.

⭐️ We have continued to work on forming those b and d’s correctly.

⭐️ We earnt yet another green sticker when we went to the Library to browse and borrow.

⭐️ We had our wonderful dance performance on Wednesday morning.

⭐️ Now we are practicing for the next big performance….end of year!

How are you going finding costumes for the end of year concert? I am looking for a spare pair of jeans to fit one of our little girls who doesn’t own any. Please let me know if you can help. Please remember we are not expecting anyone to go out and spend huge amounts of money on “dress up” costumes and masks are not required. If you have any questions about costumes, feel free to ask me.

Important information about Friday!

Friday is going to be a very busy day for all of us in 01 and 02.

Here is some important information to help the day run smoothly.

On Friday morning we will be hosting the kindy orientation visit for children who are coming to school in 2017, from 9am.

Therefore, I ask that current 02 students do not come into the building on Friday morning and they meet Miss Jess Roberts at our line up and dismissal spot with their school bags. Kindy children may require the lockers in the morning.

Miss Roberts will then walk the entire class over to the Library where she will continue our learning program whilst the kindy children are in  the classroom.

Friday is our excursion day, so Miss Roberts will walk the class back in time for us to get ourselves organised for the bus.

😊 The bus leaves at 11:30.

😊 We will eat recess before we leave. There will be no fruit sharing, no readers on that day and sight words will be checked on Thursday of this week. So you can leave your blue reader bag at home!

😊 Please bring your lunch in a clearly named disposable plastic bag. No lunch boxes, spending money or lunch orders.

😊 You will need to wear school uniform with good walking shoes and long pants.

😊 You will need your school hat as we will be outside all afternoon.

😊 The forecast is for a warm day, so don’t forget your sun cream.

😊 Remember your water bottle.

We are due to board the bus at 3pm, so we will probably arrive back at school after the bell. Once we do arrive at school, to ensure all children are accounted for, I will dismiss children from the stripe as usual. Please wait for your child to be dismissed. If your child has an after school care booking, could you please notify the staff of our late arrival back at school. I will walk after school care children to the hall, once the class has been dismissed.

Hopefully I haven’t missed anything out. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or grab me tomorrow.





What a great week!

This week we had fun working with our big year 6/7 buddies. We all  love spending time with them because they are so nurturing and caring with the little buddies.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image




This week we have also

😊  Looked at New Year celebrations in Australia and will follow this up by learning about New Year celebrations in Malaysia and comparing how they are different.

😊  We have had a look at a tally and will be building on this further in the coming weeks.

😊  We have enjoyed our Numeracy and Literacy groups with room 01.

😊  We typed our recount writing into word on the computer, this was a first draft which was done in the computer room. Of course our word wall and alphabet chart wasn’t available to help us when we completed this task. I was able to help children find the keys they needed on the keyboard, as the uppercase lettering can be confusing. I did not help with any spelling, the children were responsible for their own spelling. I think everyone did a great job, don’t you! Hope you saw the work on seesaw.

😊  The children are all excited that they received another green sticker in the library for getting along and showing respect. Well done.

😊  We have been working hard on forming the letters “b” and “d” correctly.


😊 I hope you saw your invitation to our dance performance on Wednesday morning. We will begin at 9:15 and the running time will be approximately half an hour. We will be performing with the children in room 03.

😊 I hope you found your child’s Premier’s Reading Challenge certificate that came home on Friday afternoon. Our school had 100% participation this year.

Here are a couple of reminders regarding our very busy up coming week.

⭐️  No school on Monday as we have a pupil free day.

⭐️  Dance performance in the hall 9:15 on Wednesday.

⭐️  Please return raffle books and money, or unsold books along with the signed cover letter. If you’d like another book you can pick one up from the office.

⭐️  Kindy transition will take place on Friday morning.

⭐️  Have you started looking around for an outfit for the end of year concert? If you have any spare items, could you please let me know. I’m after a pair of jeans and a check shirt to fit one of our girls. We do not expect anyone to spend lots of money buying dress up costumes. Please refer to my seesaw post for details. Happy to chat about the costumes with you if you feel the need.

⭐️  Friday is excursion day! If you haven’t paid, could you please do so as soon as possible. Payments can be made online for your convenience.  If your child will not be attending can you please let me know.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ As you can see Friday is going to be a big day for us. Therefore…..

😎  We will be checking sight words on Thursday morning for this week only. Please remind your child to put their book on my desk as they arrive on Thursday morning.

😎  There will be no fruit sharing on Friday of this week.

😎  As this is an even week there will be no show and tell.

Enjoy your long weekend!




Week 2 ends…

We’ve come to the end of week two and now it looks like things are going to start cranking up for the term. Here are some of the fun things we’ve been up to this week-



😊 This week we have been talking about shapes that tesselate when they are put together. That means that they fit together and there are no gaps. As you can see in the centre of this fabulous design that one of the children made.

😊 We have been continuing our learning in Inquiry about celebrations with a focus on birthdays. Miss Choo shared information about birthday celebrations in Malaysia and we talked about how they are different to the way that we celebrate birthdays in Australia.

😊 We’ve been tending to our garden beds now all of our seedlings have been planted. We can’t wait for our scrummy crops to start growing.

😊 We had an obstacle course in our classroom after reading Rosie’s walk. We made maps of her walk and then designed a new walk around the farm for Rosie.

😊 We are continuing to develop our dance skills with Karen’s class. Keep a look out for an invitation to our up coming performance. It will be coming home next week.

😊 Our Literacy and Numeracy groups with 02 are running smoothly.

😊 We’ve been to the Library and earnt ourselves another green sticker for being respectful of that space and the people in it.

😊 Today we attended a cricket clinic.

😊 We also had our big (little) buddy class visit us and join us for play.

😊😊 I sent home a note for our excursion to Shepherds Hill Reserve and of course our very special secret note about the BNI..that’s code for you know what. A special lunch order note for Sushi also went home this week.

The show and tell topic for week 3 is an experience you have had with Nature.

Here are some snaps of todays cricket clinic.

img_2722img_2715 img_2718 img_2731 img_2725img_2734 img_2728 img_2724 img_2733 img_2729img_2730 img_2719 img_2721 img_2726 img_2732img_2727 img_2713 img_2717 img_2714 img_2720 img_2716 img_2723

What a great start to the term…

Sports Day Fun!!!

image2 image1

We have finished our first week back and what a week it was. Sports Day was a fabulous way to end the week. Thank you so much to the people who were able to come along and spend some time with us on the day. I know the children really loved having you there. If you have some nice snaps of the day, I’d love to see them.

I know I say it every term but we have a very busy term ahead of us. Hopefully you have seen school photos, the raffle ticket book and the excursion note by now. If you’d like to sell or perhaps even purchase the raffle tickets yourself, please return money and stubs to the class in a labeled envelope as soon as possible. If you do not want to sell tickets please return the unsold book to me with the cut off section of the note as soon as possible.

We are really excited about our excursion to Sheperds Hill Reserve in a few weeks time. It will be lots of fun and I’m sure that we will have some great experiences and of course learn lots on the day.

As you would’ve noticed Miss Choo, our student teacher has begun her block of teaching in our class. She will be with us for the next four weeks. Miss Choo will be working with small groups from time to time and will take on some of the teaching component over the coming weeks.

This term we will be trying something different with our show and tell roster. We will be having sharing on alternate weeks only. As we started sharing in week 1 we will continue the pattern, that means there will be sharing in week 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.  If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask me.

This term we will be organising our item for the end of year school concert. We will be performing with the children in Room 01. More information to come.

We have a school closure day on Monday 7th of November. This means that staff will be on site but students do not come to school on this day.

As this is the final term for the year the teachers in the Doolette building will be hosting the Orientation visits for the children who are currently at Kindy and will be attending school next year. These visits have been scheduled for Friday of weeks 4, 6, and 8. You may’ve noticed that these visits are beginning earlier than they did last year and that they also have a weeks break between them. I will of course notify you of further details and what it means for your child and my exisiting class as visits approach.

Just a reminder that there have been a few timetable changes this term, PE is now on Wednesday along with Japanese and Music is on Thursday. Library day remains on Thursday. Now that the children have been Library Legends, they are already working hard to become Legends once again, by already earning a green sticker this term showing that they respect others, the resources and the space when working in the Library.

I’m looking forward to another fun term of learning with children and families.




Happy Holidays..

Ahhhh, now we can relax a little! Hope you are able to get some time off over the break to enjoy some time with the family.This has been a big term and I’m sure you will have some tired children.

Library Legends

Library Legends

On Thursday we were lucky enough to be invited to the special morning tea as part of our reward for being Library Legends. Whilst there we watched the movie of Stuart Little. Now that we have had a taste of being the Library Legends, we rather liked it and are hoping to become Legends again in term 4.

On Friday we presented the JP Assembly and it was really lovely. The children did a great job, I’m so proud of them all. We also said Farewell to two children on Friday, both girls are going to new schools next term and although we will miss them both we hope that they have a great time and love their new schools.

Happy  holidays everyone, dare I say enjoy the break because next term is beginning to look very busy. I am in the process of planning some very exciting learning activities for next term. Please keep learning your sports day chant in readiness for Friday of week one!