It has been a very busy first term and I’m sure that you will agree that the school holidays are very much needed by your little people. I hope that you are able to have some time off from your work to spend with the family.

Over the holiday period, it would be great if you could continue to spend some time each day on your sight word and sound book routine with your child. We have now learnt all of the single letter sounds and after the holidays will be looking at digraphs (more information about this next term).

The children have had a great term of learning and developing an understanding of our routines. There will be very few changes if any to our timetable next term with a few additions, more information to follow next term.Your child’s show and tell day will remain the same for the coming term. Our topic for week one next term will be holiday news. Mrs Sloan, our student teacher will join us every day for the first five weeks of the term as part of her teaching practicum. We will be going swimming later in the term. It looks like we have another busy term ahead of us folks.

Thanks everyone for your support this term, I’m looking forward to doing it all again next term. Here are a few highlights of your child’s first term in 02.


School resumes on Monday, 30th April.

Enterprise Day… and end of term stuff.

Well folks the big day is almost here.

Firstly, thank you for your generous donations, we are happy to take any others on Monday morning if need be.

Secondly, we hope that parents are available to sort and wrap the goodies on Monday morning, perhaps Tuesday morning as well.

Thirdly, we are in need of newspaper to help with the wrapping. Could you please send some along on Monday morning if you have any.

Here is a brief outline of the day itself.

😊 Learning in class until 12:oo.

😊 We eat lunch at 12:00. Sausage sizzle orders will be collected. If your child is not having a sausage sizzle please send lunch as normal. There will be no lunch orders as the canteen on the day.

😊 Parent helpers please arrive at the class around 12:10. If you are driving, please read the parking signs.

😊 The school yard will become fete like atmosphere and groups of adults will take children around the yard to visit various stalls.

😊 A siren will sound  to pack up stalls, clean the yard  and return to class. I will meet children on the stripe.

😊 Children will share their experiences and remain in the class until hometime.

😊 Children will be dismissed at the stripe as usual.

⭐️⭐️  On the day your child will need to have the following; spending money in a named purse or wallet. I will collect money in the morning of Enterprise Day to keep it safe until the fun begins.

The recommended amount is between 2-10 dollars in coins if possible as this will be easier for children to handle.

⭐️⭐️ Children will also need a named plastic carrier bag to carry their loot on the day. Please send this along in the morning so we can be organised.

⭐️⭐️ Uniforms  must be worn on the day along with a school hat. The forecast so far looks like it’s going to be a warm one so you may like to send along some sun cream.

😊 A map and further details should be coming home this week prior to the day.

⭐️⭐️ I am happy to answer any questions you may have….just ask me.

🎈 Now for other news. This is the last week of school and hasn’t the term gone fast. Please ensure that your child returns their Library book on Tuesday. There will be no borrowing this week.

🎈 I will be collecting readers on Thursday of this week,  readers will not be coming home for the holidays.

🎈 As Friday is the last day, there will be an early dismissal on Friday. We will go home at 2:10.

We have a big week ahead of us.




Happy Easter, Enterprise Day and a Few Requests.

We have had another great week of learning in 02.

It will be very nice to have a few days rest, the children are starting to get tired.

This is a long post, so I hope you are able to sit back with a cuppa and read it all carefully as there is a lot of information that you will need to know for the coming two weeks.

This week we managed to cram a lot into a short week.

As part of our ongoing work R-7 with our school Maths Co-ordiator Tamra Waye, we have begun developing a series of specialised Maths activities for reception children to participate in.  Tamra worked with us this week and will be visiting our class to support this work over the next two weeks.

This week, we also worked with our big buddies, we worked in our animal groups with 01 children, the children enjoyed having Mrs Booth work with them on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. We said goodbye and farewel to one of our class mates who is lucky enough to be travelling around Australia for the rest of the year. We all wish him and his family safe travels and are awaiting our first postcard or letter. We also went to the Library, computer room and specialists teachers.

Wow, what a week!

Now for my list of request….

😊 Request number 1.

Whilst enjoying yourselves at home this Easter, it would be great if you and your child could have look around, in the bottom of toy boxes and other hidy holes for small unwanted toys for Enterprise Day. Our donation tubs have a few things in them but nowhere near enough.

As we have mentioned previously, we do not want people to go out and buy items for the our Lucky Dip stall. Our prizes will be sold for 20 and 50 cents. Basically, we are looking for bits and pieces that your kids don’t want anymore. For example, the free toys that come with a happy meal, unwanted story books, etc. The more donations we have, the more money we will be able to collect.

😊 Request number 2.

Hopefully, most if not all parents will be able to pop along on Enterprise day and enjoy it with their children. Bring your toddlers, grandparents and anyone else who is available for a fun day. It would be helpful if parents could let me know whether or not you can make it on the day, you can send me an email to let me know.  If you are unavailable, your child will team up with another family.

😊 Request number 3.

Enterprise Day money.

As part of our learning for Enterprise Day we will be looking at the various coins that we use in Australia. You can help your child with his/her learning by sending along the following by Wednesday of this coming week.

Every child will need a named snap lock bag , containing one of each of the following Australian coins. Over the week we will be handling money, looking closely at each coin, talking about its value, describing coins, and talking about looking after money in readiness for Enterprise Day. The coins will stay in the classroom in my care and will be returned at the end of term.

😊 Request number4.

What do you do with your empty cereal boxes, biscuit boxes, tissue boxes, old cards, magazines, bottle tops? I’m happy to take that stuff off your hands.

We would love it if you could stick those items into a bag and bring them to school. We need your recycling for making and construction activities. Not just once, we’d love if you could keep sending stuff along all year.

😊 Hope you enjoy the long weekend. 😊

Week 8 Gossip.

Here we are at the end of yet another busy week in Room 02. It was great to see so many children wear orange and join in the fun for Harmony Day.

I hope everyone saw the Enterprise Day note in Communication Books this week. For those of you who may not know about this special day, I thought I’d give you a brief rundown. Basically, our schoolyard takes on a fete like atmosphere on this day, full of families and fun.  All are welcome to join us for the afternoon to help our school raise money by visiting the various stalls on the day.

The Receptions will again be running the ever popular Lucky Dip Stall. In order for our stall to be successful, we need your donations of small unwanted, clean toys and books. These items will be sold for 20 cents and 50 cents. Please bring your donations to school as soon as possible. We hope that you can help, the more items we have, the more money our stall will make for our school.

Our reading program is up and running. We need parents to stay and listen to reading between 8:50-9:15. Let me know if you can help.

Well done to all children on being super brave and coming into the building, carrying their own bags and organising themselves for our very first Independence Day. This was a great opportunity for your child to showcase their organisation and independence skills. We will be holding another Independence Day before the end of the term.

In the coming week, we will

Attend the Christian Options Workshop.

Mrs Booth will be taking the class on Wednesday morning, whilst I conduct SPA Testing. She will continue our planned learning activities.

It is a short week this week and next, please organise your sharing on Thursday if you’re rostered day is Friday of this week and likewise for the following week with  Easter Monday also being a holiday.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.







Week 7 Gossip.



Our Daily Reading programme is well and truly up and running in our classroom. I hope that you are able to find 15 minutes every day to complete the set tasks that your child brings home.

  • Sight words
  • Sounds
  • Reader
  • Don’t forget to sign the Communication Book each time your child reads his/her book.

Sound books

  • Trace the sounds with your writing hand be sure to start in the correct spot and follow the arrows.
  • Say the sound of the letter, not the name.

Sight words.

  • Did you know that sight words must be read in 3 seconds?
  • Children should be able to read these words when I change the order and transfer their word knowledge, that is read them in lots of different contexts, signs, books.

When reading please encourage your child to

  • Spend time looking at the pictures.
  • Finger point, hold the book and turn pages for themselves.


Please ensure that all of these items come to school every day for learning activities.

Are you free any day between 8.45am and 9.15 am?

If so, why not come along and support our reading program by listening to children read.  Grandparents are more than welcome to join us but will require a DCSI screening.

Please keep an eye out for the Enterprise Day information that will come home this week.

On Tuesday morning Mrs Hedger will be in taking the class and following our learning program whilst the Reception teachers are released to work with our Maths Co-ordinator for half a day.





Goodbye Week 6.

Here we are at the end of another week. Thank you so much for making time to attend the parent/teacher interviews during the week. I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with you all and share information about your children. Here are a few bits and bobs for the coming week.
😊 If your child has show and tell on Monday, please remind Him/her that they will have their turn on Tuesday, no one will miss out.
😊 Last call for the reading workshop on Friday afternoon. If you’d like to come and haven’t done so, please let me know if you are coming. This workshop will be useful if your first child is attending school this year.
😊 I will be testing sight words on Tuesday of this week due to the public holiday. Please remind your child to place their blue book along with the sound book in the basket in the morning.

Week five ends!

As usual, it has been another busy week in Room 02.

Here are a few of the highlights.

I hope you found the sight word book and game that came home on Monday with your child. The children were very excited to play their game and learn their words. Sight words are words that we need to know just by looking at them hence their name. I ask that you spend time each day learning these words.

Each Monday morning sight word books can be placed in the basket on the yellow stool out the front of the room and I will then check to see whether or not your child is ready for a new list of words. Children will have their words for a week at a time before they are changed.

I trust that you found your child’s reader on Friday afternoon. Please send it to school every day in the reader bag and leave it there. These books are required for learning activities each day and will be changed during the day. I will be posting information regarding an upcoming Parent Workshop on Reading at home on Seesaw over the weekend.


This week we have spent a lot of time putting our first set of sounds together otherwise known as blending.

Have you seen this book on the lockers outside our room? If you would like to borrow a copy from our Library, please pop in and see Simone.


I am looking forward to chatting with you all this week at Parent/Teacher interviews.


Week 4 comes to an end!

Wow! Time flies when you are having fun.

Thanks everyone for supporting your child with their “Show and Tell” this week. All children had a favourite piece of work from their journal in mind that they wanted to share and were able to tell us why they had chosen that particular piece. We will be sharing our Kindy journals throughout the coming week during a variety of different learning experiences. Please remember that if your child is absent on his/her sharing day they can bring it when they return to school.

Here is a HOT TIP place your Show and Tell Roster and topic list on your fridge as you will need to refer to it each week.

Please ensure that you spend time each day helping your child trace and say the sounds that are stuck in sound books, ensuring that they start at the arrow when doing so. We are already beginning to put these sounds together to make words. Our aim is for children to say sounds and reproduce them quickly and automatically. Practice each day will ensure success.

Please remember to check your child’s Communication Book every day. Although I am trying to stagger the number of notes that come home, we have had quite a few whole school notes that have gone home this week. You may like to initial notes sent home, that way I know that you have seen them.

Thank you to the fabulous mums who came in on Friday and made playdough with small groups of children. They loved making it and I’m sure they’ll enjoy playing with it.

Interview times will be sent home this week. Thank you for your preferences.





week 3 Ends.

Here we are at the end of week three. The weeks seem to be flying by already. This week we have continued to talk about our classroom and school norms/rules and expectations. Our Golden Rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated.

During week three we met our buddy class for the first time. Our buddy class is Mrs Weaver’s  year seven class. On Wednesday, each child was allocated a buddy for the year. The year seven students then took their little buddy to the computer room and taught them how to log on to the computer and introduced them to the world of Kidpics. We hope to meet up with our buddy class on regular basis.

Your child has new Library Book. Please return on Tuesday in the reader bag for a new one.

If you are not subscribed to the school newsletter, you can do so here. It is a great read this week.

I have had a few people asking about Specialist subjects. Here is a reminder in case you have misplaced your first class newsletter.


Tuesday-Library orientation and borrowing, Japanese



Please take the time to read the class whiteboard in the mornings, this is where you will see information about our up coming day, unless there is an IT issue.

I have added a link to Flexischools on the sidebar, I have called it lunch orders on line. This may be useful.

A few reminders, sushi money must come to the classroom on or before the due date. The canteen does not accept late orders. Scholastic book order forms went home this week, purchases can only be done online.





Term 1. Week 3 Information

What a great start to the year we have had so far. Unfortunately, we have already had some illness in our room. If your child is away from school for any reason, please ring the office or email me directly on the day. Alternatively, you can send a note when your child returns to school in his/her Communication Book with an explanation for the absence for my records as this is a DECD requirement.

Children have all settled really well into our routines and are getting very good at remembering their morning jobs. At last it looks like we are in for a cooler week so this might help children with their stamina during the day and with getting a good night sleep.

As it is week three we will be cranking up our work load in the classroom. Thank you to everyone who attended the Acquaintance Night, it was lovely to chat to you. I do hope that you were impressed with your child’s ability to show you around their school, introduce their teachers  and explain their learning so far to you.

I look forward to sharing our learning with you throughout the year…..Watch this space.