week 3 Ends.

Here we are at the end of week three. The weeks seem to be flying by already. This week we have continued to talk about our classroom and school norms/rules and expectations. Our Golden Rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated.

During week three we met our buddy class for the first time. Our buddy class is Mrs Weaver’s  year seven class. On Wednesday, each child was allocated a buddy for the year. The year seven students then took their little buddy to the computer room and taught them how to log on to the computer and introduced them to the world of Kidpics. We hope to meet up with our buddy class on regular basis.

Your child has new Library Book. Please return on Tuesday in the reader bag for a new one.

If you are not subscribed to the school newsletter, you can do so here. It is a great read this week.


I have had a few people asking about Specialist subjects. Here is a reminder in case you have misplaced your first class newsletter.


Tuesday-Library orientation and borrowing, Japanese



Please take the time to read the class whiteboard in the mornings, this is where you will see information about our up coming day, unless there is an IT issue.

I have added a link to Flexischools on the sidebar, I have called it lunch orders on line. This may be useful.

A few reminders, sushi money must come to the classroom on or before the due date. The canteen does not accept late orders. Scholastic book order forms went home this week, purchases can only be done online.





Term 1. Week 3 Information


What a great start to the year we have had so far. Unfortunately, we have already had some illness in our room. If your child is away from school for any reason, please ring the office or email me directly on the day. Alternatively, you can send a note when your child returns to school in his/her Communication Book with an explanation for the absence for my records as this is a DECD requirement.

Children have all settled really well into our routines and are getting very good at remembering their morning jobs. At last it looks like we are in for a cooler week so this might help children with their stamina during the day and with getting a good night sleep.

As it is week three we will be cranking up our work load in the classroom. Thank you to everyone who attended the Acquaintance Night, it was lovely to chat to you. I do hope that you were impressed with your child’s ability to show you around their school, introduce their teachers  and explain their learning so far to you.

I look forward to sharing our learning with you throughout the year…..Watch this space.

Welcome to 2018.

Parents of children who were in Room 02 in 2017 can unsubscribe from these posts by following the link at the end of this email. Thank you and good luck to all of my beautiful Reception children who are going into year one on Monday. I hope you are excited and that you love it. Don’t forget to say hello if you see me in the yard.

One Week to Go!!

What an amazing week we have just had. Most of our week this week was about the concert. I hope you enjoyed yourselves on the night, I have had lots of positive comments about the night. If you have some nice photos of our act, I’d love to see them, feel free to email them to me.

On Friday morning the Reception teachers hosted the final transition visit for the 2018 Receptions for the year. Imagine, it was only one year ago that your children were getting ready to come to school. How time flies!

Hopefully umbrellas made it home on Friday along with End of Year Reports and class placement letters which were in blue reader bags. All children got to visit their new teacher (where possible) and their new classroom on Friday afternoon.  The 2018 year one children met their new teachers in the Doolette building due to renovations to the Reade building, the 2018 year one teachers took their class on a walk to show them where they will be lining up next year and where their classroom is going to be. Everyone skipped off to their new teacher with excitement and came back just as happy.

We have begun sorting and counting the pile of readers outside our classrooms, thanks to a couple of helpers this week. We still have quite a lot of work to go here, if you have some free time earlier in the week and can help us with this task, we’d really appreciate it. We ask that families please have a final look at home for any readers  that may be hiding.

We only have a few more days to go, then we can all enjoy a well earned rest.  Another quiet weekend may be needed after our busy week, I’m pretty sure you will have some very tired little people.


The coming weeks events include the Christian Options Workshop, there is still time to return your form if you haven’t done so and would like your child to attend. Attendance is optional.

There will be a whole school assembly and an early dismissal on Friday when we go home at 2:10.



It’s Concert Week…plus other stuff!

🎈This post is a long one folks, full of lots of important information. I hope you are able to sit down with a cuppa and read everything you need to know about the coming week.

What a great big night in we all had on Friday evening. It was a fabulous way for us to celebrate our learning together throughout the year. These little people have learnt so much and become so independent at school, we love it!

You can collect your containers and plates from the big night in from Doolette on Monday morning. If they are not named or collected by Friday they will be donated to a local Charity shop.

Now to talk business, this is concert week. Much of the week will be devoted to getting ourselves ready for the concert, of course it won’t be the only thing happening in 02. We will continue our learning and we have our final kindy orientation visit.

Please refer to your child’s blue reader bag. Two very important notes were sent home on Friday, one is an outline of concert dismissal procedures and location, the other is a consent form for your child to attend a Christian Options workshop. Slips need to be signed and returned tomorrow.

😊 On Monday I will be collecting all of the readers. Readers will not be coming home for the next two weeks. We have the mammoth job of counting and sorting all of the readers to be returned for a stocktake. If you are free one morning and could give us a hand to sort, count and record books we would really appreciate it. Many hands make light work!

😊 If you haven’t seen the newsletter this week, please have a look. Rooms 01 and 02 have a double page spread sharing some of our Literacy and Numeracy learning.

😊 We also have a display of some fabulous Inquiry writing in the school office.

😊 Blue reader bags will continue to come home each day as usual. Please remember to check the communication book each day for any correspondence.

😊 Please have a final look around for any library books and return ASAP.

😊 Please return pink personal information sheets to me, not the office ASAP.

😊 I will be hosting our final kindy orientation visit for the year on Friday morning.

😊 There will be no fruit sharing this week.

😊 I will be asking 02 to line up on the stripe (our meeting and dismissal spot) on Friday morning with their school bags on their back and not to enter the Doolette building. Mrs Hedger will then take the class to continue our learning in another area of the school.

😊 Class placements will be finalised this week and children will meet their 2018 teacher on Friday afternoon. You will receive your class placement letter along with the semester two report on Friday.

😊 Concert stuff….I’m keeping it basic for new parents to the school as there is a lot to remember.

😊 Their will be no show and tell this week. If your child did not share his/her map of their journey to school last week, they will have an opportunity to do so.

⭐️ Come to school in your uniform on the day.

⭐️ Go home and relax, it will be another late night.

⭐️ Have dinner, change your clothes. We are asking children to wear a Tshirt and shorts (any colour) and their plastic rain jacket over the top and a pair of gumboots.

⭐️ If your child will not be attending, please email me or let me know in person.

⭐️ On the evening, please drop your child off at the classroom at the designated time. I will confirm this time early in the week. We will need to get organised, so you will be free to take  your seat.

⭐️ Programs will be available, showing the running order.

⭐️ Children will remain seated in their class groups throughout the concert. You can collect your child at the end of the concert from me.

⭐️ Please refer to the newsletter for information on the foodvans that will be available on the night.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rick has stated in the newsletter that chairs can be put in the schoolyard to secure your position from 2pm onwards.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is a big event for our school community, when you are planning your evening, remember how many students we have at CLG. All families usually attend, parents, toddlers and sometimes grandparents, we have a rather large audience. Something to keep in mind. Hence the need for security on the school grounds to ensure chairs are not positioned until after lunchtime at 2pm. ⭐️

⭐️ Please ask any questions if you are unsure of something or you think I’ve forgotten something.

⭐️ Early nights again this week please, we have a huge week ahead of us.

🎈 I’m sure you’ll love our item!🎈




This week’s stuff.

This week is going to be a big one. Here is a rundown of our plans for the coming week.

😊 On Tuesday, Mrs Hedger will be back. The Reception teachers are having a planning day.

😊 Please send along your umbrellas for the performance. We are not expecting families to buy umbrellas, if you don’t have one please don’t go out and spend money. A reminder too,  that we only want small child sized umbrellas not adult ones.

😊 Please send along payment and consent slip for children attending the big night in if you haven’t already done so.

😊 Please return all library books. Simone will begin the massive task of stocktaking all of our Library books. Please look around carefully at home if you’ve misplaced a book, as lost books will be involved to families.

😊 Friday…The Big Night In.

Here it is the day we’ve been waiting for.

A reminder of how the day/evening will run.

Come to school as usual, bring your fruit, recess and lunch for a normal school day.

Also bring along a warm jacket in case it gets cold and a torch for the night walk. Please bring your plate of food to share at the big night in, girls bring a savoury and boys a sweet plate.

Just a reminder that we cannot heat food up on the night.

Friday is a casual day. The theme for the day is animal print. Please remember whatever you dress your child in on the day,will be what they wear until 9pm that night. It needs to be something they’ll be comfortable in all day and something they can move around in on the playground, at the disco and outside.

Parents do not come to school at hometime. We will not be coming outside until later.

Parents are asked to pick their child up at 9pm from our classroom.  I hope you don’t have a busy weekend planned as you will have some tired little people after the big night in.

You still have time to email your questions, if you have any. 😊😊😊



End of week 5

We are officially half way through the term. We have achieved so much this year and guess what…..we have so much more to come! This seems like a good reminder to us all..


Firstly, thank you for your understanding regarding the makeshift classroom in the Doolette corridor. The year two teachers have worked hard to set up an area that is conducive to learning and that will not impede on the Receptions too much. The children will be moving into their new learning spaces on Monday. Please be mindful at drop off and pick up times that there will be extra foot traffic outside our building.

If you have listened to the children read throughout the year, if you came to the zoo with us, if you were a swimming helper, we hope you can join us at the Parent Helpers morning tea on Tuesday 21st at 10:45 in the staffroom. This is our way of thanking you for giving up your time to help with our learning activities. Please refer to the invitation that I posted on seesaw. Free free to RSVP me on seesaw if you can make it. Hope to see you there.

On Friday of this week, the Reception teachers will run our second kindy orientation visit, their third and final visit for the year will be in week eight.

We have had a very busy week of learning in 02. We are doing some amazing writing and trying really hard to use adjectives as part of our journaling each day. We have been enjoying looking at maps. We are learning about clocks and rainbow facts in maths. I included our latest Phonics sounds in Communication Books this week, please ask your child to read the words to you as part of their reading routine.

Please return any money for the Big Night In as soon as possible….and remember it’s a secret!

The children have all coped really well with the changes in the weather this week, one minute it was hot and sticky, the next freezing cold. We were stuck inside all day on Friday due to the constant light rain. Hopefully the sun will come out over the weekend, see you Monday.

Ps. Happy  Pageant day. 😊






Week 4 news..

This week as always has been busy in 02.

Your child may’ve come home talking about our end of year concert. I will let you know important information  for our class as it gets closer.  The concert will be in the evening on December  Thursday  7th, week eight.  Please keep the date free!

😊 This week we have continued to learn about  birds eye view maps.

😊 On Monday, Simone took us over the red lines. We each had a map, a clipboard and a texta on as we went for a walk around the block and marked our journey on a map. This was very tricky but lots of fun.

😊 We spent time looking at maps of the world as well globes and looking for similarities and differences.

😊 We had fun in Art, Music and Japanese with our fabulous specialist teachers.

😊 On Friday, the Reception teachers hosted the 2018 reception children on their very first orientation visit. The Kindy children will visit again in weeks six and eight.

😊 I will no longer be collecting the red sound books, please use them to revise reading and writing sounds at home.  Any sounds your child needs to learn or revise will now come home in the blue sight word books or Communication Books.



Week 3 news..

It has been a great week of learning in 02.  We managed to get through quite a lot of learning for a short week.

Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Our Animal Groups were working hard on Maths activities each morning last week.
  • The children had fun in the Art room turning their photographs into a variety of different characters.
  • They are learning the skills necessary for tennis during PE.
  • We enjoyed time in the computer room, many children made Halloween pictures on Kids Pics.
  • We have been looking at simple maps and keys and have been making our own birds eye view maps with the use of a key to locate various items.
  • Well done everyone on collecting and presenting your data for show and tell. We enjoyed comparing the information that was presented. Please refer to seesaw for this weeks task.

We have another busy week of learning ahead of us.


End of week two!

The term is off and running with a bang!

Our excursion on Monday to the zoo was very enjoyable. Thank you very much to all of the parents who gave up a day and helped supervise groups of children. It was very much appreciated. I do hope you recived your thank you card on Friday.

The children all had a great time and did some amazing recording about animal habitats. They were able to share their recording with their animal groups, working together to make a poster of their learning as a follow up activity in class. If you’ve seen the work on seesaw I’m sure you’ll agree that they did a great job.

We have begun our unit of Inquiry into homes, whilst we are learning about animal homes, we will also be learning about our homes and different homes around the world. We will be looking for similarities and differences across the neighbourhood and the globe.

Did you know that we start every morning in animal groups? The children worked together to choose their groups earlier in the year and we are now at the stage where we do a great deal of learning and problem solving activities in our groups.

Each morning we spend time journaling about our experiences with our group. The writing that is produced has improved so much since parents had a look in journals at the student led conferences last term.

One of the things that we are currently working on in our writing is the use of adjectives or describing words.  Children are asked to include a word that describes colour, a size word, a shape word and a feeling word. We are all getting really good at using descriptive language to make our writing more interesting.

On Friday, we had a representative from the Commonwealth Bank who visited our classroom for the Money Smart Program. She talked about safe places to keep your money at home and at school.  We were able to name and identity the notes and coins that make up our Australian currency.

On Friday afternoon we were also lucky enough to have one of our parents visit our class and bring along a few of his homing pigeons. He talked to us about how to care for them, their diet and their habitat. Using an app on his phone we were able to let them go and know exactly when they arrived home.

We have had a great start to the term and yes I’m going to say it again! We have another busy term ahead of us. 😊

Just a reminder that there is a pupil free day Friday week 3, that’s this week! There will be no fruit sharing this week, I will check sight words on Thursday and Friday show and tell people will share on Thursday of this week.