Our last week!!

We have almost reached the end of our first term. It just seems to have flown past very quickly.

Here are a few bits and bobs to get you through the last week.

  • We are wrapping our Enterprise Day goodies on Monday morning. If you have some free time, we’d love your help. Many hands make light work, even if you can only stay for a short time.
  • We are happy to take your donations if you have any.
  • Please return all Library books on Wednesday of this week. We will not be borrowing for the holidays.
  • Wednesday is Enterprise Day. Please send a shopping bag to school with your child and coins in a named purse/wallet, so they can enjoy the day. No notes please. If you plan on coming along we will see you in the classroom at 12:15. Just a reminder that there will be no lunch orders on this day as the canteen is closed.
  • On Thursday, I will be collecting readers for the holiday period. Sight words will come home so that you can continue to work on these words during the break.
  • Thursday is our last day for the term. School will finish at 2:10 on Thursday afternoon.

Week 9 News!

We’ve e had another busy week in 02!

Thank you so much to the families who have already made donations to our Lucky dip stall. We are still seeking more and hope you can help.

As Enterprise Day is just over a week away we will be looking at Australian money as part of maths this week. We will be handling coins, looking at the shapes, sizes and denominations.




To help all children be successful in this learning, I ask that each child brings along one of each of the coins pictured in a named snap lock bag or envelope on Monday morning to help us with our learning.

Please ask your child to give their coins to the teacher and take the time to explain to your child that these coins will be used in the classroom and are not for spending at the canteen. I will distribute them as needed during maths lessons. Coins will be returned at the end of our learning in the area of money. Thanks for your support.


Reading news.





Our Daily Reading programme is well and truly up and running in our classroom. I hope that you are able to find 15 minutes every day to complete the set tasks that your child brings home.

  • Sight words
  • Sounds
  • Reader
  • Don’t forget to sign the Communication Book each time your child reads his/her book.



When reading please encourage your child to..

  • Be an eagle eye and look at the pictures, to help figure out the words.
  • Get your lips ready to make the first sound.
  • Finger point, hold the book and turn pages for themselves.

Sight words.

  • Did you know that sight words must be read in 3 seconds?
  • Children should be able to read these words when I change the order and transfer their word knowledge, that is read them in lots of different contexts, signs, books.




  • Please continue to say and trace sounds using writing hand.
  • Encourage your child to move their wrist when doing so, rather than moving the whole arm.


Are you free any day between 8.45am and 9.15 am?

If so, why come along and support our reading program by listening to children read. Please let me know via email if you are available and which day suits you.

Can you help?

Enterprise Day is getting closer!

I’d like to say a big thank you to the families who have already made donations towards our lucky dip stall.

We are in need of many more donations. As items will be sold for no more than 50 cents, we are not expecting large, expensive items to be donated. If you have small toys or figurines that often come with a child’s happy meal, unwanted matchbox cars, small books, small teddy bears or dolls, little bits and pieces that often end up at the bottom of the toy box and don’t get played with any more, please send them along. These are the kinds of things that we are seeking. We hope that you can help, the more items we have, the more money our stall will make for our school.

Hopefully, you saw the letter that was sent home last week about becoming our class parent rep. If you are interested please let me know, you can email me or add a comment below. If you require more information about what this entails, please come and see me.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the assembly on Friday morning. The children did a great job once again up on the stage. We were very proud of each and every one of them.




Our busy classroom…

On Friday morning we celebrated another great Independence Day with the children showing us just how fabulous they are at getting themselves organised for the day.

All of the teachers in Doolette were very proud to see such independence.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone for coming along to Parent/Teacher interviews this week, it was a nice opportunity for me to chat to you and to learn a little more about your child. I hope that you found it as useful as I did.

Thank you to those families who have connected to and activated their child’s Seesaw account. If you have not done so, you are missing seeing some work done by your child that has already been uploaded.Β Please connect to their journal so you can begin to view, share with your child and comment on their work samples. This is a fantastic way for busy parents to see what your child is learning.

This coming Tuesday we will be celebrating Harmony Day. Children are encouraged to wear orange clothing on this day. If your child chooses not to wear orange to school, they must wear their school uniform.

This coming Friday we are again hosting the junior assembly. All are welcome for an 11:15 start.

I hope that everyone saw the note that came home regarding our stall on Enterprise Day. We are ready to collect donations and do hope that you can help us out. If you’d like a bit more information or guidance on what may be suitable, please don’t hesitate to ask.

See you Monday.


Week 6

We are well and truly past the half way mark now!

Here are a few of our learning activities from the week..

😊 We are beginning to develop our Literacy Groups with the children in Room 01. Deciding as a group, discussing, copoperating with other members in our group which animal name we’d like to be called. Then children worked Β together as a group to decorate their poster.

😊 We have worked hard this week to get daily partner reading up and running smoothly.

😊 Sorting and talking about different criteria that could be used to sort objects.

😊 Playing with our big buddy class in the park.

😊 Library orientation with Simone.

😊 Whole school assembly.

😊 We hosted a group of visiting teachers from China.

😊 The Reception team will be hosting our parent/teacher interviews this week. I hope you found confirmation of your day/time in Communication Books on Thursday. I’m looking forward to chatting to you and gettting to know more about your child.

😊 We will also be holding another Independence Day in Doolette again this Friday because we did such a fabulous job of it last time!


Wow! Here we are at the end of another busy week.

Thank you to those families who returned their interview sheet with time preferences promptly. You will receive confirmation of your interview time this week.

All Receptions came into the building on Friday morning by themselves for the very first time. Well done everyone! You all managed to remember to do your morning jobs and get yourselves organised for a busy day of learning. We will hold another Independence Day in a fortnight.

On Friday morning I checked sight words. If your child has a word that has been highlighted, it means they need a bit more practice with that word. If your child has a new list of words you can go ahead and make up a new memory game for the new list if you wish. Don’t forget to go back and revisit the previous list throughout the week.

Your child has their very first reader in their blue reader bag. I hope you found it! We have all read the book we have chosen at school and are all excited to be bringing home a book that we know how to read.

Please spend time enjoying this book together.

  • Look at the cover together. Discuss the title and what you think the book may be about.
  • Take time to look at each picture before you begin to read.
  • Make sure your child points to the words when reading. Ask your child to tell you about Wilber. Who is he and what does he do?

Once finished please remember to initial the appropriate column in the communication book. There is no need to write the title of the book or the date, these things have already been done for you.

Please remind your child to put the reader back into the reader bag and bring it to school each day. We will be using these books as part of our daily reading programme.

If you have any questions about readers, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’d like to thank all of the people who attended the recent reading workshop. It would be useful to receive feedback via an email, let us know if you found it useful, if you need more information and so on. This will assist us when planning further workshops.

That’s right! We have made it halfway. The second half of the term promises to be just as busy as the first. πŸ˜‰



Hey, hey, hey it’s Independence Day!

To celebrate 5 weeks of school and how well we have learnt to organise ourselves each morning, the Reception team would like to hold our very first Independence Day!
So what does this mean?
This Friday morning, we ask that you farewell your child with a big hug and kiss at the Doolette doors, letting them come in and get organised for their day all by themselves.This is a great opportunity for your child to showcase organisation and independence skills.
You will be surprised at how well they can do this!