End of week 4.

Here we go again folks…..we have another busy week ahead of us!

This week is Book Week. There are lots of exciting things planned to help us all enjoy the celebrations.


😊 On Monday, the author Phil Cummings will be speaking to the children in our class about his books. Phil has written lots of great books and has won many awards for his work.

😊 On Thursday we will be seeing a performance in the Hall. If you have not returned your permission slip, please do so as soon as possible.

😊 The Library will host a variety of activities for children at lunchtime during Bookweek. The first 50 children to arrive each day will be admitted.

😊 Children can come to school on Friday dressed as their favourite book character.  Children can wear their costume all day if  they are able to move around safely, participate in learning activities and of course toilet themselves with no assistance. We do not expect parents to go to any expense when organising costumes.

The parade begins at 10:20am on Friday on the netball court.  If the weather is inclement, a decision will be made earlier on Friday morning whether or not we need to relocate to the hall.  

Other news for the week:

😊 We now have plenty of tins. Thank you so much to the people who have been able to donate them. If you have some spare time and could stay behind one morning and take labels off of the tins and make sure that they are all clean inside, we would really appreciate it.

😊 Show and Tell returns this week. Please remind your child to be organised and to bring their poster on their sharing day. Posters will remain at school afterwards.



Week 3 News.

Hopefully, our Sharing topic for Week 5 made it home with your child on Friday. Please help your child to prepare the new poster.

Thank you, Mrs. Hedger, for holding the fort in my absence. I know that she has done a great job keeping up with the learning that was planned for the week and following our routines.

This coming week is photo week. Our class is scheduled for photographs on Tuesday morning just after 9;30. Here are the instructions that I have received from the photographers and from school Leadership.

  •  Students are to be in the school uniform.
  • Hair does not need to be tied up on photo day.
  • School jackets and jumpers are to be removed for photos.
  • Students need to have their own envelope with them on the day. Although payment can be made online and money can be included in a sibling’s envelope, each child should still have their own envelope to hand to the photographer.
  • Family photographs will be done after lunch for those who have chosen this option.


Week two gossip.

What a great week we’ve had in 02. There have been lots of fun activities and lots of learning.


Everyone enjoyed the Disco and Nature Play was lovely yet again. We were so pleased to have rain on Friday. While there were a few puddles in the Garden throughout the week, we all got in the creek and had a lovely time jumping and splashing about. Thanks to the parents who remembered to pack a change of clothes for their children.

We are rostered to use the Nature Garden later in the term.

The coming week is going to be just as busy as the last week.

We have been working hard to learn and use a variety of digraphs this week. What is a digraph? A digraph is a combination of two letters representing one sound, as in sh, th and ch.


Did you know that we also talk about how to pronounce the sounds that we learn?  It is important that children are able to say a word correctly, making sure their tongue is in the right place for each sound.  Basically, research has proven that children need to say a sound properly in order to be able to write it. If your child cannot articulate a particular sound they may end up writing the word the way they say it, for example, if a child says a ‘v or f’ instead of  ‘th’ they will write ‘wiv or wif” instead of ‘with’.


Term 3 means that we are now expecting some basic words to be spelled correctly. I hope you will remind your child that we need to see their tongue when saying the ‘th’ sound during conversations when reading and writing.

Here is the information your family will need to be organised.

  • Show and Tell posters are due this week. I am very excited to learn more about your child from his/her poster. You might like to ask your child to present it to you at home so that they can have a little practice.
  • A reminder that there will be no sharing in Week 4. However, we will send home a task for families to work on together in readiness at the end of  this week.
  • Mrs. Hedger will be in our classroom on Monday morning until recess and again on Wednesday until 12:00, whilst I attend training and development. She will, of course, continue our learning program.  I will check sight words on Tuesday morning of this week instead of Monday, please remind your child to be organised.
  • Fruit sharing will return this Friday.
  • Thanks to the two parents who have offered to help us with our Social Skills Program. I am still in need of four more volunteers to help us out in weeks 5, 7 and 9. If you have a spare half an hour the children and I would really appreciate it. I ask that you commit to all three sessions for continuity.
  • We are still in need of a few more Milo/Formula tins.
  • Photo information went home this week.  You can pay online or pay cash on the day, regardless of payment method, please return your envelope on photo day. Please do not send your envelope with money prior to this day as I unable to store money in the classroom.

Wow! What a great first week for Term 3.

The first week back and the children were all very settled. It was great to see that everyone came back refreshed and ready for learning, remembering morning jobs from day one. I was super impressed.

After a week of school, we are all hopefully back into our routine of early mornings and early nights. This Term will consist of lots of new learning and of course plenty of revision of our previous learning. This is the term where we can showcase our skills learned so far, putting all of our skills to good use.

It was also great to see everyone Organised and Independent on Friday morning, for our first Independence Day this term. Well done to all! Independence Day will now be every Friday in Doolette.

Dare I say it yet again, this is going to be a very busy term!

Please see my seesaw post for news of Nature Play.

Here is some important information to help us all be organised for the next couple of weeks;

Week 2- Thursday, 2-3:00 R/1 Disco. The cost is $3 and includes entry, chips and drink. Please give me your money on Thursday morning. Children can bring along a favourite piece of clothing to add to their uniform for the disco only. They must be able to put it on by themselves. Please put your child’s name in anything they bring to school. This is not a casual day.

We are continuing to collect formula/Milo tins. We have almost reached our target. Hope you can help us with a few more. Hats are back this term, please remind your child to pack his/her hat each day so they can participate in all outside activities fully. 

Hopefully, you have read the blurb that came home with the large sheet of paper for our Show and Tell topic in Week 3. There is no Show and Tell in Week 2.

So that we can appreciate the hard work that everyone does in readiness for this topic, please ensure that your child is organised and brings his/her poster on their allocated day. 

Sharing days have not changed and your child should know his/her day by now. I am really excited to see what your child creates and to learn more about him/her and I hope that you have fun together designing their poster.


Thank you to the people who have sent along some soap on tap, however, we are in desperate need of more soap. Thanks in advance.

Important events coming up.

Book week is Week 5. There will be an incursion and a Dress Up Parade during this week.  All welcome. We will be presenting the Assembly in Week 6, Friday 11:10.  We will be supported on stage by our friends in 01. All welcome. Stay tuned for more details about both of these events.


I am in need of 6 parents who are available to help us on Friday mornings with our Social Skills Program. Helpers will be required from 9-9:30 on Friday in Weeks 5, 7, and 9.  You will be working with a set group of children and for continuity, we ask that you commit to attending all sessions. As this is part of our learning program, no toddlers or babies please. If you are interested, please email me.

Hope you enjoy the sunshine over weekend.






Already for a brand new term?

I hope that everyone is well rested after our very busy end to term two.

I don’t think I will surprise anyone when I tell you that term three is going to be just as busy.

Here are a few important bits and pieces to kick the term off:

Just a quick reminder that term three begins on Tuesday for CLG students. The staff will be working on our Whole School Literacy Agreement on Monday.

I hope that families have been able to collect their photographs in readiness for our learning in Geography and History this term. Please refer to my Seesaw post if you are not sure what we want. History and Geography will form a major part of our learning this term, so please get your photographs to school by Friday of week one at the latest. Be sure to put your child’s’ name on the back of all photographs and send them in an envelope that also has your child’s name on it.

You have a few days to locate your school hat. Hats must be worn again this term and next term, until the end of the year.

Here is a heads up about a few of this terms upcoming events;

We are rostered to use the Nature Garden at school twice this term and we will be running our first assembly. There is a disco on the 2nd of August and we will be celebrating Bookweek with fun activities and a parade in week five. Stay tuned for further details about all of these things and more!

Show and Tell days will remain the same this term, however, it will no longer take place each week.  Our Show and Tell program will now run in weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. You will be notified of topics throughout the term. Please help your child to remember to be prepared on his/her day to avoid missing out. Our topic for week one is holiday news. If your child is rostered to share on Monday, they will have their turn on Tuesday of the coming week.

I will check sight words on Tuesday morning of this week due to the Pupil Free Day on Monday.

Our specialist subjects will remain the same for the term unless otherwise notified.

A reminder that our Library day is Thursday. Please do not return books before the day.


Can you help?

We are in desperate need of donations of soap on tap pump bottles or refills. We have food breaks three times a day and practice safe food hygiene, washing our hands before each break. That is a lot of hand washing and a lot of soap!





What a great week!!


What a great week of swimming we have just had. I imagine that there were some very tired children on Friday night after our busy week. Congratulations to my beautiful class who were extremely well behaved on the bus and at the pool, all did a great job dressing and undressing before and after lessons.

All parents will be pleased to know that their child did it by themselves…of course, some were quicker than others. With the holidays coming up, dressing yourself is a great skill that you can ask your child to get better at if they don’t already do this for him/herself at home on a regular basis.

This is it, folks! We have reached the last week of school. We are all in need of some R and R after such a big term. The final week promises to be a busy one too.

On Friday I sent home a note about the upcoming excursion, what to bring and an outline of our day. Please find it in your child’s blue reader bag. If you have any questions for me please do not hesitate to ask.

I will check sight words on Monday morning and again on Friday (for holiday words).

Mrs. Hedger will be in class for me on Tuesday.

Thursday is excursion day 9-3pm.

No library on Thursday as a result, please return your books as soon as possible.

There will be no borrowing for the holidays.

Friday will be our final Independence Day for the term.

I will collect readers on Friday, sight words will come home for practice during the holidays.

Early dismissal on Friday, we go home at 2:10 on Friday.



Week 7 comes to an end! (with a correction)

Here we go folks, we are on the home stretch!

Only three weeks to go and they sure are going to be busy ones!

This week we had some new furniture delivered to our classroom. I had a little army of removalists who all pulled together to help organise our delivery.


How lovely that we could release a couple of butterflies from our enclosure back to nature this week.

We did some special butterfly art and made and wrote special wishes for the butterflies to take with them. Here’s hoping that they come true.

On Monday, Mrs Hedger will again be in the class as I complete the Australian Development Census Survey along with the other Reception teachers. This is a DECD requirement for all Reception teachers this year.

Have you returned your swimming forms? If not, please do so as soon as possible.

It might be a good idea to help your child be organised for swimming in week 9 by:

Asking them to dry and dress him/ herself, or at least have a try.

Teach your child how to dry his/her hair.

If you purchase new goggles for swimming week, let your child wear them in the bath before swimming week so that they can get used to them.

Do you drink instant coffee or Milo? We are looking to collect large metal coffee or Milo tins with lids if you or your workplace have any.

Perhaps you have a baby who uses formula if so we will take your tins with the plastic lids.

Both 01 and 02 will be collecting tins, hope you can help us out. It is a big task as we will need 46 tins altogether!

Another week comes to an end! Week 6 News.

What a busy week we’ve had, yet again in 02.

It was great to have Mrs Sloan in the class for the first five weeks. In her last week, she took over the majority of the teaching role. My job during this time was to observe her teaching, give feedback and ultimately write her final report.

The past week we have been revisiting our classroom rules and routines, writing about our beautiful Nature Gardens and revising the sh and ch sounds as well as partitioning numbers to ten.

Swimming notes came home on Thursday. Hope you found them. I have been advised by a parent via email that the dates at the top of the form are incorrect. Please refer to the dates further down the form. Swimming is in Week 9..

Independence Day in Doolette went well on Thursday morning. It is great to see our little people organising themselves for the day, doing their morning jobs and coming into class independently.  Independence Day will be held at the end of every fortnight from now on, usually on a Friday unless there is a short week.

I will not be in class on Tuesday after the long weekend, as I am writing reports. Whenever I have a planned absence/meeting day I will endeavour to have Mrs Hedger in the classroom for consistency. As a result sight words will not be checked until Wednesday of this week.





Another week ends!

It’s been another great week in 02.


⭐️ We had a lovely week of Nature Play. Unfortunately we didn’t really get any rain, other than a few drops on one of the days. It was great to see that the children were organised for rain by bringing along a change of clothes just in case.

⭐️ As we have a week of Swimming coming up in week 9, I am hoping that your child knows how to dress him/herself. If not, you have a few weeks up your sleeve to help them develop this skill in readiness for swimming week.

⭐️ Thank you to everyone who sent along flowers on Friday morning. We put them all together and were able to make two very large bunches of flowers for our student teachers. We presented one bunch to Miss Ester in 01 and the other to Mrs Sloan at the end of the day as a way of saying thank you and goodbye. Needless to say they were both very surprised and pleased with the flowers and cards that our classes made for each of them. Mrs Sloan said that there were so many flowers, her bunch was heavy. The children will miss both Miss Ester and Mrs Sloan and are excited that they will both be joining us on our Wild Imaginations Nature Play Excursion in week ten.

There will be plenty happening in the coming week.

⭐️ Mrs Hedger will be taking the class and following our program on Monday as I will be report writing.

⭐️ There will be no school on Friday for students, as we have a Pupil Free Day and staff will be be undergoing training and development off site.

⭐️ There will be no fruit sharing again this week, due to the four day week.

⭐️ If your child has show and tell on Friday, refer to seesaw for the topic, please send it along on Thursday.

⭐️ As I will not be in class on Monday, I will check sight words on Tuesday morning, please remind your child to put their blue book in the basket on Tuesday of this week.




Stuff from the week that was..

⭐️ We’ve had yet another busy week of fun and learning in 02.

⭐️ We celebrated The National Simultaneous Storytime. Children all over Australia stopped at 10:35 on Wednesday morning to enjoy the same story.

⭐️ We have been looking closely at our plants and seedlings, talking about and recording their growth.

⭐️ We are continuing with our Science Inquiry into Weather and Nature.

⭐️ Nature Play returns in the coming week, so there will be no show and tell. Please refer to my seesaw post for details.

⭐️ We are waiting patiently for our chrysalises to hatch and reveal some more beautiful butterflies.

⭐️ We’ve looked at simple graphs and continued our work in partitioning in Maths.

⭐️ We are enjoying Dance lessons with our little buddies in Karen’s year one class. We are working on a few dances as well as learning to skip.

⭐️ We also visited the Book fair. Hope you found your child’s wish list. Purchases can be made between 8-6pm Monday and Tuesday of this week. You are under no obligation to make a purchase.

⭐️ Thanks to those parents who have volunteered to help with supervision on our week ten excursion. We need to finalise numbers soon, so please let me know if you are interested and have the appropriate paperwork.

⭐️ On Friday we experienced some problems with the internet and could not access show and tell photos that were sent to me via email. We will try again on Monday.