What’s going on in 02?

This week will be all about Special Person’s Day. We will be having extra practices and getting ready for our spectacular performance. I hope you are able to come along to the dress rehearsal to see it for yourself.

Even our show and tell will be around the Β topic of special people. Tell us all about your special people, why are they special to you? What do you like to do when you spend time with your special people? Perhaps bring along a photo of them.

Week 6 info..

Just a reminder that children do not need to be at school until Wednesday of next week. Monday, of course is a public holiday and we have a pupil free day on Tuesday. Staff will be working on Maths moderation at another site. I hope you are lucky enough to have a four day weekend.

We have had a lovely week of nature play this week. Unfortunately, we had no rain but the ground was wet a few mornings and we were able to find a nice puddle of mud. We had fun splashing in it! We had lots of fun interacting with nature.

On our last day we set a nature challenge. The children were all very engaged and worked with a partner to complete it.

One morning to celebrate World Environment Day, we released two beautiful monarch butterflies into the Nature Β garden and set them free carrying our special wishes.

Hopefully, you received the two notes that came home home about Special Person’s Day. I have posted pictures of each of the notes as we have had a lot of people away sick this week. There is a selection of coloured T-shirts on display in the middle of the Doolette building.

Here are the notes in case you missed one or both.


As we had Independence Day on Friday, we will be having another one again in a fortnights time in week eight.

See you Wednesday!







Week 5 Gossip..

Week five! That means we are halfway there folks.
This week we have enjoyed watching our plants grow. The seeds have all taken off and we are going to be recording growth and changes to all plants in the coming week.
You will be receiving information about our up coming Special Person’s Day this week, so keep an eye open for it.There will be more information about this via the blog and school newsletter as necessary.
Special lunch order forms went home this week for a jungle curry meal deal.
Most Book Fair Books went home this week, those that did not go home are on order and will be sent home with your child as soon as they arrive. Thank you to everyone who made a purchase, this resulted in our school being able to add over $3,000 worth of resources to our collection.

Week 4 info

We’ve had another great week in 02.

Thank you so much for the effort that everyone put into our sharing topic last week. We had a lot of variety, seeds, flowers, and vegetables. We are in the process of monitoring the growth and changes that happen to our plants.
The Book fair viewing was very exciting, there are lots of great books available at reasonable prices. You can purchase items before and after school on MONDAY from 8.00am to 6.00pm and on TUESDAY from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

If you would like to purchase a book but are not able to visit the Library to do so, purchases can be made online. Simply visit the Scholastic website, make your payment and send the receipt number with your child (on the back of the Book Wish). If the book is in stock it will be sent home. Books that are not in stock, will be ordered and will be available within 7-10 working days.

We had fun visiting the hall for the National Simultaneous Story time that took place in schools all over Australia on Wednesday morning. It was such a cute story of how the cow tried many, many, many times to get over the moon.

Don’t we look cute in our masks?
Did you know that we have begun Dance lessons with a year one class? Stay tuned for more news about this.

Here is a sneak peek at our moves.

Week 3 Gossip!

Hope you’ve got a cuppa and are able to sit back and relax while you read this post.
This week you would’ve noticed that we haven’t sent home any any new sounds in sound books. We have spent the week consolidating our learning from the previous week.
Last week we learnt three digraphs, the th, Sh, and ch sounds. A digraph is when two letters are put together to make one sound. These digraphs sound very different to each other but can be confusing for children to write as they all have a h as part of their sound.

It is important that children can articulate the sound, hear the sound and then reproduce each sound correctly. Basically if you can say it, you can write it.
We made clowns to remind us to stick out our tongue when saying th. You can help your child with this sound at home, it is not v or d. We’ve been practicing saying words like feather and this and that, not feader or vis or dat.
We made chains to help us remember the ch sound and looked at Sh shapes.
Did you know that we have begun Dictation as part of our spelling program?
We have been working hard to solve number stories and problems during maths. Children are being encouraged to be “Super hero learners”.
Super hero learners
😊 Look
😊 Listen
😊 Think about what is being said
😊 They ask questions
😊 They talk to others
😊 They work together
😊 They explain their thinking
😊 They record their thinking
This week we met with our buddy class, who now have a new teacher as Mrs Wright is maternity leave. Mrs Simmons will be teaching our buddies until the end of the year.
Due to the Library hosting the up coming Bookfair viewings this week, we will not be borrowing a Library book this week. Instead, our class will visit the Library to view the books and other items to be sold in the Bookfair during week five. Your child will be able to look at all items on display and then choose two items for a Wishlist that they’d like mum or dad to buy. I will explain that this is a Wishlist, something you’d like to buy and that mum and dad could say yes or no about buying items. You’re in no way obligated to buy anything on your child’s Wishlist. Look out for information about about how you can purchase items in the school newsletter.
Here is the latest reading strategy we have been working on.

It is great to see the children becoming confident with their reading. Please remember that sight words are not to be sounded out, they are too tricky for that.
This week we will be participating in the National Simultaneous Storytelling event. The story to be shared at the same time by many schools throughout Australia this year is..

On Friday we are due for our fortnightly Independence Day.
Now that the weather is changing, please be aware that our classroom does get warm during the day, we have 25 children in our class who continue to run around at playtime, our rooms are heated. When dressing your child please be mindful about the number of layers you are putting on them. Children need to be able to take off layers as they get warm, extra clothes under the uniform make this difficult for them to do so.

What a busy week!

What a wonderful week of nature play we have had. It was great to see everyone get themselves organised quickly in their boots and jackets.
We enjoyed listening to nature, spotting bugs, galahs, white cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets up in the trees. Children also collected items from the ground to examine later in the classroom.
As part of our discussions, we talked about how to care for nature, that we eat some nature and looked at how animals use nature to conceal themselves and learnt about camouflage. We tried to find animals that were camouflaged in a series of photographs. This was lots of fun. We were also very fortunate to have a variety of herbs donated for the children to touch and smell. As other classes would like to enjoy the garden, our next visit will be in week six. Don’t worry, I’ll send you a reminder!

During the coming week our morning routine will return to normal. If you are free to list children read, we’d love to have you.
On Friday Entertainment books were sent home with each child. If you do not wish to purchase the copy sent home, please return it to the classroom in the envelope provided so that I can mark you off my list as having returned your copy. If you wish to purchase your book, payment can be made in class or at the office. If you do not return your copy you will be invoiced.

Hope All the mums have a wonderful day on Sunday.

Welcome back!
What a fabulous first week we’ve had back at school. It was great to see everyone happily returning to school. The children were all able to organise themselves quickly by doing their morning jobs on the first day. Well done!
We of course wasted no time and began learning activities straight away.
If you have a copy of the following book still at home, could you please return to the classroom as soon as possible.

A quick reminder that a special lunch order deal was sent home during the week.
We are having nature play everyday in the coming week. We will mark attendance, organise lunch orders, clothing (jackets and boots) and be ready to leave the classroom at 9am.

Our last week!!

We have almost reached the end of our first term. It just seems to have flown past very quickly.

Here are a few bits and bobs to get you through the last week.

  • We are wrapping our Enterprise Day goodies on Monday morning. If you have some free time, we’d love your help. Many hands make light work, even if you can only stay for a short time.
  • We are happy to take your donations if you have any.
  • Please return all Library books on Wednesday of this week. We will not be borrowing for the holidays.
  • Wednesday is Enterprise Day. Please send a shopping bag to school with your child and coins in a named purse/wallet, so they can enjoy the day. No notes please. If you plan on coming along we will see you in the classroom at 12:15. Just a reminder that there will be no lunch orders on this day as the canteen is closed.
  • On Thursday, I will be collecting readers for the holiday period. Sight words will come home so that you can continue to work on these words during the break.
  • Thursday is our last day for the term. School will finish at 2:10 on Thursday afternoon.