The end is here…

What a lovely term we have had in 02.

Thank you everyone for working so hard and participating in our very busy term. Β It has been an amazing term and we all deserve a long rest.

I am lucky enough to be going on holiday and will not be back at school until Wednesday of week one. Mrs Hedger will be continuing planned learning activities with the class on those two days.

Our show and tell theme for week one will be holiday news. Tell us what you did that you enjoyed the most and why. There have been no changes in our specialist subject or Library times for this semester. Show and tell days also remain the same.

Here are a few photographs that were taken on Japanese Day this week.

Happy holidays Everyone!

One week to go….

What a very busy week we’ve had!

Thanks to everyone who came along and participated in the Student Led Learning Conferences. The children were very excited about sharing their learning and all of their hard work with the people who matter the most to them. I’m sure you’ll agree they all did a great job.

Sports Day was a great day and we were so lucky to have such nice weather. Well done to all for giving everything a go and being such great sports.

I’m so proud of everyone for their efforts and stamina this week.

We have one week to go!

😊 This week we will be celebrating Japan Day and having our sushi lunch orders.

😊 Please return your Library book. There will be no borrowing from the Library.

😊 Readers will be collected for the holidays on Thursday.

😊 I will check sight words on Thursday of this week as I will be on leave on Friday.

😊 Mrs Hedger will be taking the class and continuing our learning program on Friday.

😊 There will be no fruit sharing on Friday.

😊 A reminder that we are dismissed at 2:10 on Friday afternoon.

Week 9..

We have another big week ahead of us!

Thank you to everyone who has booked an online time to attend student led conferences this week. If you were unable to make a time, please contact me in person or via email to arrange one.

We might all need some early nights this week becauseΒ Thursday is Sports Day!

😊 This is an all day event.

😊 Please remember to apply sun cream to your child before school.

😊 As we will be active and outside all day, you may like to send along some extra food.

😊 Remember to send along a full water bottle.

😊 All children must wear their school hat.

😊  Children are encouraged to wear their house or team colour Tshirt with school shorts or scorts.

😊 Shoes suitable for running should be worn on the day.

😊 Subway/sushi lunches will be delivered to the class.

😊 There will be no normal lunch orders on the day.

😊  Normal end of day dismissal will apply.

😊  All welcome.

😊  If you require any more information, please ask me.

🐝🐝🐝🐝 There will be no show and tell this week due to Sports Day and learning conferences. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

I am looking forward to seeing all families for student led conferences during the week.



Week 7 news


We’ve had another great week in 02. Nature play was really lovely this week.

We were able to explore the nature garden three days out of the four days at school this week. We tried twice on Monday to attempt our play but had to turn back due to rain.

The garden seems to come alive after the rain with water in the creek ready for splashing and mud puddles for digging.

Hopefully you found the online booking sheet for student led conferences in communication books. This time around I will not be able to juggle times around if you make a mistake or want to change your mind, theΒ online booking system is a piece of software which allows a you to book your desired time. Please don’t leave it too long before booking, I don’t want you to miss your desired time.

We have begun getting ready for sports day. Teams have already met and introduced their captains and chants. Team chants were sent home in communication books this week, it would be great if you could take the time to help your child learn these words so that they can join in.

I have added the chants to this post for those who may’ve missed out due to illness or misplaced their chant.

Please remind your child to bring their hat to school this week.

Enjoy your weekend. 😊



Thanks to the people who have already let me know whether or not they are available to help us out at the zoo next term. Please refer to my seesaw post from the weekend for further details. If you are able to come along, or are thinking of coming, please let me know. We really want as many parents as possible to join us, the more the merrier!! At this stage I am really only concerned with the number of adults who would like to attend.

Please remind your child that he/she needs to wear their hat for all outside activities at school from now until the end of the year.

Please return your subway/sushi lunch order with payment before the 13th September. These special lunches are for sports day and can be placed in our lunch order box in class. No late orders will be accepted by the canteen.

Please return your note about cake/ slice donations for sports day and indicate if you are available to help on the day. This note came home with subway envelopes.

Please remind your child to rug up with a jumper and a raincoat and keep warm for nature play this week……weather permitting! Β Boots will remain at school for the week.

We will be involved in run offs for sports day on Wednesday. Please send your child to school in shoes that are suitable for running on this day.

If your child has a Library book, please remind him/her to return it on Wednesday. We haven’t been to the Library to browse and borrow for two weeks, due to Book Week and Swimming. I am looking forward to changing my book.

Student Learning conferences are fast approaching. The booking process will be done online…watch this space for more information.

Just a reminder that on Friday we have a school closure, it is a show day for our school. Do not come to school.






It’s back!

What a great week of swimming we had. Well done to all for working so hard to be organised. We didn’t loose a single item. Certificates will come home this week. A big thanks to those who were able to come along and help with supervision at the pool. Your help and support is appreciated.

Due to the short week, there is no show and tell this week.


Week 5 gossip..

Book week sure was a lot of fun for all in 02.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and chat with the illustrator/author Β Sally Heinrich. She shared how she got her ideas for illustrations and Β asked the children about how emotions can help us to develop the look of a character as well as reading some of her books.

Sally has done some fantastic work and when she spoke about her drawings the children were amazed to learn just how much time and effort it took for her to produce one drawing.

We also enjoyed a performance that incorporated the themes of the shortlisted bookweek books called Super Duper.

The children enjoyed the opportunity to go to the Library and make sticker books during lunchtime activities and our class visited Simone in the Library to produce the character “Chip” from a shortlisted book.

Then of course there was the parade on Friday morning. It was great to see everyone dress up for the day.


Week six sees us off to the swimming centre for lessons. Please refer to my recent seesaw posts for information. Please refer to your excursion concent form for bus departure and lesson times. We will not be at school for recess playtime or lunch eating times. We will need to have our food breaks at times that are convenient to us and our schedule during the week, therefore, no lunch orders or spending money this week please.

We have had changes to our timetable for this week only, many specialist lessons have been scheduled for first thing in the morning. Please help your child to be organised and ready for learning by being on time for school.

Children are asked to put their swimming bag on their chair when they arrive at school each mornings well as completing their other jobs.

I hope that you have had a look through the sound books that have come home this week. We have been looking at how the letter y can behave like a vowel on the end of words. We are Β continuing to look at the sounds made by the vowels and the Magic “e” Β and trying to remember to add Magic “e” to our writing. Of course, this is tricky because not every “e” at the end of a the word is magic!

Our latest reading strategy of Flippy Dolphin helps us when reading vowels in words.

This week we have continued to talk about our body parts as well as discussing our Early Warning Signs. These are the feelings or sensations we get in various parts of our body that tell us when something isn’t quite right, when we are frightened or nervous, perhaps when we are excited. These signs range from having a sore tummy to legs feeling wobbly like jelly. All children were asked to identify their early warning signs and record them. When we get these feelings we need to talk to an adult.

It’s going to be another busy week. Early nights will probably be needed tonight and during this week with all of the energy the children will be using in the pool. If you have any questions about swimming, please feel free to post here or onseesaw,chances are if you have a query…others do too!

See you Monday. πŸŠπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸŠπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸŠπŸ½β€β™€οΈ






Another exciting week…..

Wow! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this enormous amount of mont raised from the Lapathon.

We had an assembly on Friday and the total amount was revealed to all staff and students. As a school we had hoped to reach our target of $15,000 so we are all thrilled with the results and the generosity of our community.

Here is some of the learning we have been involved in this week:

  • We have been consolidating our learning of the vowels Β by reading and writing lots of words that have a magic e at the end.
  • We have been measuring objects using arbitrary units and the learning rules of measurement.
  • We have been developing a network of trusted adults who can help us when we feel unsafe, are hurt, or just need help.
  • We have been learning the names for all of our body parts.
  • We are loving our activity time in the mornings and the children are doing a great job journaling their experiences.
  • It was also photo week.

free glitter text and family website at


It is finally here!

Book week is always lots of fun. We have lots of exciting activities planned for the week…please see my previous post for details or refer to the school newsletter.

I hope all children will join in the fun and dress up as their favourite book character for our parade on Friday morning. Children can wear their costume all day on Friday if it is comfortable, does not impact on their learning and they can toilet themselves independently whilst wearing it. The parade starts at 10:50 Friday morning, all welcome.

A reminder that swimming will begin in week 6. With just over a week to go, here are a few tips to help get families be ready for swimming.

  • Encourage your child to dress him/herself every morning and to dry him/herself after the bath or shower. This will certainly help us to be on time and be organised during swimming week.
  • Get your child used to wearing goggles before we begin lessons. Put the goggles on when he/she is in the bath.
  • Encourage children to put their face in the water.
  • Ask your child to put his/her own socks and shoe on each day.
  • Remind children to undo laces before taking shoes off.
  • Please, please, please…….Label everything.



What a week!

What a week indeed! This will be a lengthy post so I hope you are sitting with a cuppa ready to read it.

I have been collecting money for a number of things, our excursion, swimming, and the Lapathon. Β I hope you are managing to keep up with all of the special events that will be taking place this term. Today Β I sent home a form for a performance to be held in the school hall for Bookweek. All events are free except Super Duper which is $6.

Here is a poster that details all of the Book week events to help us all remember what’s on and when. By the way, it’s time to start planning for the dress up parade.


A reminder that we have school photographs next week. Money will be collected on the day or if you wish you can pay beforehand on line. Prizes will be given out at next weeks assembly to the children who raised the most money for the Lapathon.

Today we went on our very first excursion and the children all behaved beautifully. We had such a good time, the performance was true to the story book which Simone read to us as part of the National Simultaneous story time. So we had all seen the story before. I hope your child will be able to recount some of the fun they saw on stage.

Thank you to the two volunteers who came along with us and helped with supervision both in the bus and at the theatre.

It is amazing how quickly this year is flying by. I love to watch my organised, independent children each morning. Independence in Reception means children can carry their own school bag, organise themselves, do their morning jobs and say good morning to the teacher. Independence means that you look out for the board outside the building and show us you can do it any day of the week.

This week in Maths we have been comparing lengths and are now developing some rules to help us measure objects.

We have been looking closely at the vowels for the last two weeks. A lot of this has been revision, along with the introduction of the silent, magic e. You will notice that we haven’t had any new sounds in our sound books for this reason. We will be spending a considerable amount of time learning all about this tricky letter magic e. I hope your child was able to tell you something they had learnt about it the other day after my seesaw post. Feel free to send me their responses on seesaw. Looking forward to reading them!

We will begin our History curriculum next week. If you haven’t sent along your photos for this, please do so as we don’t want anyone to miss out. You can refer to my seesaw post dated Monday 10th July for further information.

If you are able to listen to children read in the morning and have the required screening, there have been some changes to volunteering within class. You must sign in the volunteer book in the classroom upon arrival and sign out when you leave. This is so that we have a record of who is on site. You will also be issued with a lanyard to wear whilst on site.

Thank you to those families who returned their helping hand along with their donation after the holiday break. These small donations are really appreciated and do help our classroom run smoothly. If you happen to have one of my hands at home could you please return it so that we can recycle it for another time.

You may’ve noticed that our morning routine has changed a little this term. Well done to my fabulous class for knowing exactly what to do each day.

Our mornings are really settled and the children are now able to use various parts of Doolette for their morning play. Can you help us make our play more exciting? Here are a few things that we would like in the central play area, your donations of unwanted household items would really help us out. Here is a list of supplies we are seeking.

😊  old curtains, bedsheets, fabric, cane baskets, clean unwanted glass jars, seeds, buttons,

😊 recycling..empty boxes etc. NO EGG CARTONS PLEASE, due to allergies in our building.

😊 magazines, old pots and pans

😊 ribbon, pegs, bread tags,

😊 old birthday/ Xmas cards

😊 clean odd socks..yes that’s right socks, big or small we don’t care.

😊if you have an old kitchen sink, we’ll take that too!