What a great start to the term…

Sports Day Fun!!!

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We have finished our first week back and what a week it was. Sports Day was a fabulous way to end the week. Thank you so much to the people who were able to come along and spend some time with us on the day. I know the children really loved having you there. If you have some nice snaps of the day, I’d love to see them.

I know I say it every term but we have a very busy term ahead of us. Hopefully you have seen school photos, the raffle ticket book and the excursion note by now. If you’d like to sell or perhaps even purchase the raffle tickets yourself, please return money and stubs to the class in a labeled envelope as soon as possible. If you do not want to sell tickets please return the unsold book to me with the cut off section of the note as soon as possible.

We are really excited about our excursion to Sheperds Hill Reserve in a few weeks time. It will be lots of fun and I’m sure that we will have some great experiences and of course learn lots on the day.

As you would’ve noticed Miss Choo, our student teacher has begun her block of teaching in our class. She will be with us for the next four weeks. Miss Choo will be working with small groups from time to time and will take on some of the teaching component over the coming weeks.

This term we will be trying something different with our show and tell roster. We will be having sharing on alternate weeks only. As we started sharing in week 1 we will continue the pattern, that means there will be sharing in week 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.  If you have any questions about this please feel free to ask me.

This term we will be organising our item for the end of year school concert. We will be performing with the children in Room 01. More information to come.

We have a school closure day on Monday 7th of November. This means that staff will be on site but students do not come to school on this day.

As this is the final term for the year the teachers in the Doolette building will be hosting the Orientation visits for the children who are currently at Kindy and will be attending school next year. These visits have been scheduled for Friday of weeks 4, 6, and 8. You may’ve noticed that these visits are beginning earlier than they did last year and that they also have a weeks break between them. I will of course notify you of further details and what it means for your child and my exisiting class as visits approach.

Just a reminder that there have been a few timetable changes this term, PE is now on Wednesday along with Japanese and Music is on Thursday. Library day remains on Thursday. Now that the children have been Library Legends, they are already working hard to become Legends once again, by already earning a green sticker this term showing that they respect others, the resources and the space when working in the Library.

I’m looking forward to another fun term of learning with children and families.




Happy Holidays..

Ahhhh, now we can relax a little! Hope you are able to get some time off over the break to enjoy some time with the family.This has been a big term and I’m sure you will have some tired children.

Library Legends

Library Legends

On Thursday we were lucky enough to be invited to the special morning tea as part of our reward for being Library Legends. Whilst there we watched the movie of Stuart Little. Now that we have had a taste of being the Library Legends, we rather liked it and are hoping to become Legends again in term 4.

On Friday we presented the JP Assembly and it was really lovely. The children did a great job, I’m so proud of them all. We also said Farewell to two children on Friday, both girls are going to new schools next term and although we will miss them both we hope that they have a great time and love their new schools.

Happy  holidays everyone, dare I say enjoy the break because next term is beginning to look very busy. I am in the process of planning some very exciting learning activities for next term. Please keep learning your sports day chant in readiness for Friday of week one!

One more week to go!


Here is a visual reminder of our latest reading strategy, think about what you are reading and try and see a movie in your head. Just like a real movie the things you see will change as you read.

One more week to go folks and what a week it is going to be. We will be gearing up for Sports Day. I’m sure you have been helping your child learn his/her team chant in readiness for the big day. Please refer to the school newsletter for all of the latest information and a program about the day.

Dress your child ready for a full day of physical activity, shorts and sneakers, school sun hat, team colours and judging by the weather of late a jumper and sun cream just to hedge our bets.

Children will need plenty of water and food. Outside in the fresh air all day running around makes us all hungry.

Parents are welcome to join us on the day.

Just to make our last week of school for the term extra fun, we are also hosting the Assembly on Friday with the children in 01. Time to be advised. Children who have a speaking part have their lines stuck in their Communication book to practice at home.

I will be collecting readers this week for the holidays, however sight words will come home as usual so that you can continue this learning with your child over the holidays.

The new term four timetable will begin this week. As a result, our class will no longer be going to PE on Monday, this will now be on Thursday.

We have managed to get a green sticker for every visit to the Library this term. This means that we have been respectful of others by working quietly, looking after the books, cleaning up after ourselves and just generally caring for this space. We have therefore been elevated to the status of Library Legends. As a result I am currently negotiating with Simone to find a time  for our Legends morning tea which is our reward. As you can imagine the children are all very, very excited.

Thanks once again for making the time to come along to Learning Conferences. It was great to see the children taking pride and ownership of their learning.

A reminder that school will finish at 2:10 on the last day of school.

This is going to be a big week, I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.




We are working hard!

As always, we have had another busy week in 02. We have been working with the children in Room 01 and our school Numeracy coach for the last three weeks. She has been giving us some tricky problems to solve using shape.

We have completed our personal timelines and the children really loved dressing up and sharing their future occupations with the rest of the class. We had a couple of teachers, a couple of doctors and of course there were quite a few Policemen. Thank you for helping your child find a costume.

Learning Conferences are being held this week. Your child will run this conference and share aspects of their learning with you.

We are also gearing up for Sports Day! Your child should have a copy of their house chant stuck in their Communication Book to read at home so that they can join in with the chant on the day. Here is some information to help you get organised for the day.

  • Sports Day is a whole day event.
  • Children will be outside all day and will require their school hat.
  • There will be no lunch orders on that day. You still have time to order Subway or Sushi, Wednesday the 21st is the last day for orders. No late orders will be accepted.
  • Children can wear a T-shirt that is the colour of their team.
  • Children will need to wear shorts and comfortable running shoes.
  • Further information will be sent home in the school newsletter.

We have yet another busy week ahead of us!



A new week begins..

Hope you have all had a restful weekend after the busy week we’ve just had.  I also hope that you found your child’s swimming journal and enjoyed reading about their accomplishments in the pool. The children were all very proud of their writing.

Sharing this week is bring along an interesting shape.

Thanks to the people who have already let me know their prefered times for student led conferences.



Swimming news for next week.


We have had a great week of learning and are getting ready for a busy week of swimming.


We will take part in Water Safety Sessions at Westminster School each day next week. Here are a few reminders to help your child be successful.

😊 The bus leaves school at 9:00. The driver is on a tight schedule and  will not be able to wait for late arrivals. Please don’t be late for school.
😊 Children are asked to wear their bathers/rashees to school under their school uniform.

😊 Children can wear thongs/sandals or other slip on shoes to and from the pool. This will make it easier for your child to be independent.
😊 Things to remember
underwear, socks and school footwear
thongs to wear to and from the pool
plastic bag for wet clothes

😊  Girls please have your hair tied up for the pool and no tights please.

As we will be so active next week it may be an idea to pack some extra food.

😊 Our lesson time is 9:30 to 10:30.

Parents attending the pool are requested not to take photographs.
Please name all items of clothing etc. to help your child be independent.

😊 A reminder that there will be no sharing during swimming week.

😊 A reminder that there is no school on Friday of next week.


Book Week Fun

What a fabulous Book Week we have had this year. A great performance on Thursday morning, a visiting illustrator, book loving activities in the Library and a dress up parade.IMG_2316 IMG_2315IMG_2304 4 IMG_2300 3 IMG_2290 IMG_2304 3 IMG_2291 2 IMG_2294 2 IMG_2295 2 IMG_2297 3 IMG_2307 2

Thank you Simone for all of your hard work organising everything. The costumes were great, well done everyone on your efforts.

We have been labelling features of our homes and using descriptive language to write about them.

We talked about our feelings and described how different feelings can affect our bodies.

We had lots of fun with our big, big buddy class doing chalk drawings and skipping.

We have begun planting seeds for our new garden beds. Once they sprout we can transplant the plants into the new beds.

We have been working hard reading words that contain the tricky silent magic “e.”

We are learning to read, make and record o’clock times during our maths lessons.

During Japanese lessons with Mr. Pluck the children were given the opportunity to dress up in traditional Japanese kimonos and they had lots of fun learning the correct way to wear them.

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The sharing topic for the coming week will be free choice.

Many classes will be attending Swimming this week. As a result, there will be a few changes to our timetable throughout the coming week. We have another very busy week ahead of us, hope your child is able to rest over the weekend in readiness for it.




Another busy week.

I seem to start my posts with these same words each week. It has been another busy week in Room 02. Here are some of the activities and  learning, not to mention fun that we have had this week.

😊 We have had some big learning this week with the silent magic e! Ask your child to explain the rule to you.

😊 We are continuing to develop The outside play space near our classroom. The children are absolutely loving the spare parts equipment that we have and we are always looking for more bits and pieces to add to our collection. To enhance our garden we purchased a couple of large planter boxes and children spent quite some time on Thursday filling the boxes with soil. The rain on Friday and over the weekend will help get the soil ready for our plants. Stay tuned for more information about this.

😊 Emily loves to Bounce at the Odean Theatre on Momday was just lovely.  We were all very excited about travelling on a bus, for some it was their first time. The stage production was very clever and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of live theatre. At one point I found myself watching their faces, enjoying their expressions and squeals of delight!

😊 We have continued to look at number lines and enjoyed the Maths about me sharing. There has been a lot of learning involved with comparing the information presented in these. Thanks for taking the time to help your child complete this project.

😊 We designed Houses this week. We talked about the materials and features of our individual homes.

😊  Children skipped like crazy during Jump Rope for Heart. Thank you for your sponsorships and donations.

😊 Lots of children have been visiting the Library during lunchtime to collect Pokemons.

😊 We attended a fabulous assembly on Friday afternoon which launched Book Week. Don’t forget to wear your dress up to school on Fridat for our parade. Come as an Australian book character or famous Australian character from history.

😊😊 This week we have lots of fun Bookweek activities  planned.

I hope everyone is practicing drying and dressing themselves after baths and showers in readiness for swimming week. Don’t forget to wear your goggles in the bath tub or shower, so that you are used to wearing them in the pool every day.

Here are a few snaps of our very busy Gardeners.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Magic e

Today we learnt about silent magic e. It is silent because it doesn’t make a sound. It is magic because it puts magic on the vowel and flips it. When you read the word, you no longer say the short vowel sound but the long vowel sound instead. Hope you enjoy sharing this great video with your child.



Here we go…

We have had another great week with lots of fun and learning. We had special visitors from an elementary school in Japan in our classroom and we attended a special assembly welcoming them to our school. We are enjoying our Inquiry topic into homes around the world. We’ve been looking at number lines and time. We have continued to talk about respect.

The coming weeks are going to be extremely busy. Here is the information you’ll need for the coming week.

😊 Emily loves to Bounce excursion is on Monday. There will be no lunch orders on this day due to the excursion.

😊 also due to the excursion PE will now be on Tuesday.

😊 NAPLAN testing this week for the older children also means changes to our time table, Library day will be Tuesday for this week only

😊 Jump rope for heart will also be on Tuesday

😊 School photos will be taken this week, our day is Friday. Please ensure that your child has their individual photograph envelope with them on the day

😊 We also launch Book Week on Friday. There will be lots of fun things happening to celebrate our love of books, more information at the end of the week. You may however want to start thinking of dress up ideas for the following Friday for our parade.

😊 Sharing this week is your maths about me poster. Don’t forget to jazz them up, make them look interesting and exciting.