Week 4 news.

😊 It’s been another great week in Room 02.

😊 Firstly, thank you to the parents who replied to our blog post regarding the reading workshops. Please consider this as your confirmation. I look forward to seeing you either on Tuesday 28th at 9.15am or Wednesday 1st March at 2.30pm in the staff room.

😊 Thank you also to those parents who attended our assembly on Friday.  What a great job the children did after such a short time at school. Well done 01 and 02.

😊 I hope you found the sight word book and game that came home on Friday with your child. The children are all very excited to play their game with you and learn their words. Sight words are words that we need to know just by looking at them. I ask that books are placed in a new basket on Friday mornings and I will then check to see whether or  not your child is ready for a new list of words.



Week three ends.


There is quite a lot of news this time around, I’m hoping that these posts keep you informed about our learning and classroom events.

The end of week three sees us really getting into our routines with the introduction of phonics and show and tell this week. We have loved seeing the different kindy folders and would like to hang on to them for another week. We will be sharing them with our big buddies in the coming week.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Acquaintance Night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. It was great to see the children sharing their learning so far with their families Β and being so excited about doing so. Thanks to everyone who was able to come along. Thank you also to the people who have made helping hand donations during the week. These items will help our classroom run smoothly, please send your helping hand along with your donation.

Sound books also came home this week. It is important that children practice each sound everyday and we ask that parents supervise the finger tracing along the arrows to ensure correct formation. Of course we are writing these sounds at school. Extra tracing at home with help formation to become automatic. New sounds will be added once taught.

There have been lots of paper notes that have been sent home this week again. Please remember to check reader bags and communication books each day to avoid missing important information.

We have been very lucky to have had some caterpillars and a monarch butterfly in our room this week. We started off with one butterfly then there were two. As the butterflies hatch we will are releasing them into nature. The children are loving seeing and talking about the changes each day.

Some exciting news, we will be hosting the junior primary assembly with 01 on Friday morning in the hall, all welcome for an 11:15 start.

We would like to run a reading workshop for 2017 reception parents. This will help parents support their child’s reading at home. We are currently in the process of planning this workshop and would like to know numbers as soon as possible.
The times are Tuesday 28th February, at 9:15 and again on Wednesday, 1st March at 2:30. Sessions will run approximately half an hour.
Please email your class teacher with your preference by Wednesday 22nd. We will then confirm session dates and times via the class blog on Friday 24th February.



A quick message or two..

I hope you liked the present we made at school today for our families. The children worked hard on them.

Our formal lessons have begun and that means our phonics programme has begun. I hope that you found the sound book in reader bags and are enjoying watching as your child carefully traces and says the sounds taught so far.

I also wanted to remind everyone that I’m really looking forward to seeing you and your child at Acquaintance Night from 6pm tomorrow.

Week 2 News!

Well here we are at the end of week two. It is great to see that the children are getting used to being at school and own routines.

It is pleasing to see that children are trying hard to remember morning jobs each day and to have a go at doing these jobs themselves.

Bags in lockers..

Drink station…

Reader bags…


With the introduction of Show and Tell this week there will be another job to do. Hopefully you found the information about this and the roster that was in your Communication books this week.

Look for this box to put your show and tell into on the morning of your sharing day.

I hope all families are able to attend the Acquaintance Night this coming Wednesday the 15th February. Your child will have a list of things to do on the night so please bring him/her with you when you come. We are all looking forward to sharing our learning and our classroom with you. We are open between 6-6:45 pm. please refer to the handout in Communication books or the school website for further details.

I hope you have seen the note about the special meal deal. Please return to me if your child is interested.

Here are some of the exciting things we have and are working on..

Developing our classroom behaviour code- rules and expectations.

Being sensible- even if the teacher isn’t looking.

Who to ask for help at playtime.

Being Brave.

Working carefully to do your best.

Being a good listener.

Being kind to each other.

We met our big buddies and had a play with them.

We borrowed our first Library book during orientation. Remember to return it on Wednesday in the reader bag.

We had fun in Art, Japanese and PE with our fabulous specialist teachers.

We attended our first junior assembly.

We went to the computer room with our new friends in Room 01.

What a great start to the term!





A successful first week at school for all!

We have had a great first week at school. Β We have been spending time getting to know each other and learning routines.

😊 This week we had our first visit to the Library and will borrow a book next week. Our Library day is Wednesday.

😊 We had our first whole school assembly.

😊 We have been getting to know each other in room 02 and have spent time getting to know our neighbours in room 01.

😊 We went to the computer room and had fun.

😊 We’ve been talking a lot about the “5Ls”

😊 We are working hard to remember all of our morning jobs. These jobs include organising your school bag and drink bottle, putting your reader bag in the box and to say hello to Ms Grant before playing.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning.